Sadie’s Bottom De-frosted

Raunchy as ever,  high-end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur hosted a very kinky event at a gallery in Holland Park on Tuesday night.

Entitled A Very Private Affair, the party and floor-to-ceiling exhibition of photographs by Tim Bret Day, heralded the launch of the label’s spring/summer collection. Needless to say, scantily-clad models were here, there and everywhere.

sf 11

A scattering of celebs were in attendance too, including Sadie Frost.

sf 10

One stunning model was brandishing a riding crop.

sf 13

It didn’t take her long to track down sassy Sadie and administer a long overdue spanking to the spoiled socialite and ex-wife of Jude Law, who once said “being treated as a princess” was one of her main interests.

sf 14


sf 02

Sadie did her best to keep her composure and laugh it off.


But her bottom was well striped by the end of the evening…allegedly.

sf 06

But then the tables were turned, when a gorilla of a security guard demonstrated his fireman’s lift technique to eject the naughty model from the establishment.

sf 15

Spanking the celebrity guests is clearly not to be tolerated.

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5 thoughts on “Sadie’s Bottom De-frosted”

  1. what the heck is goin on in that last foto?”

    Dave, I think that’s what you’d call “Gorilla Theatre”.

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