Cool Gear & Hot Bottoms

These pictures have a theme: good-looking, trendy young folk…spanking each other. In the name of fashion advertising.

gl 01

Yellow pantie fashion faux-pas earns sore bottom

I have heard women complain that in spanking porn there are no good looking male tops.

gl 03

cool gear, uncool implement

So ladies, just get an eyeful of these handsome spanking dudes, all dressed up in their designer gear.

gl 02


Who’d have thought that something as old hat and traditional as spanking could become so cool, fashionable and funky?

gl 04


Clothing credits:from top: Good Life, Old Khaki, American Eagle, Gucci

Picture Credits: Good Life: I found this on the Good Life website,

Old Khaki :

American Eagle:

Gucci: Every spanko blogger ever.

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8 thoughts on “Cool Gear & Hot Bottoms”

  1. Advertising is about attracting attention. And what better way. I’ll bet most people — even non-spankos — couldn’t look away from these ads. I think there’s been a lot of photographers who’ve been fascinated with the visual extravagance of BDSM, be it bondage, whips or vinyl dresses. And a lot of this kind of thing finds its way into fashion advertising. It’s not just spanking. It’s domination, whips, chains and all the other accoutrements of BDSM lying around in fashion shoots like so many leftover props from the photographer’s last job, or as remnants of his after-hours hobby (O was a photographer, if you remember, from “Story of O”). But compared to BDSM, spanking is a bit more of a head-game, which is why these photos seem a little lacking, for those of us who are connoisseurs of the genre. Still, it’s interesting to see how our kink plays out, out there in the mainstream artform of our time — advertising, I mean. Of course, probably not much that’s in these pictures was the photographer’s idea. Most of this stuff was no doubt “art directed” from on high. Still, nice to see.

    The first picture was a new one for me. I note a lot of the models in these shots look dark skinned. Maybe not the Italian ad. And in the Gucci ad at the end, the model looks trussed in industrial-strength saran wrap, for an added element of bondage, for those, for whom spanking alone, is never enough.

  2. Pleased that you both liked these pictures – especially the first one. Your comments helped to confirm to me that it is a new find, not featured before on a spanking site.

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen these before, and you’re right – what fantastically good-looking models 🙂

    I’m always a little cagey when I see M/f BDSM and spanking references in mainstream advertising. Stripped of the very sensitive and consensual context of the spanking scene, these images veer perilously close to unproblematised, mainstream sexism. I’d be much happier if there was a mixture of M/f and F/m spanking in these ads; it would make it easier to see it as a celebration of consensual kinkiness rather than glamorising male violence against women.

    But then, the superficial part of me is staring at these going “oooh… pretty.” So I’m not going to complain too loudly 😉

  4. Welcome to the (terminally superficial!) Spank Statement, Pandora.

    There’s certainly a sexist and misogynistic element in these pictures, but also, a huge dollop of postmodern irony, which prevents them from belonging in the same kind of world as the ads from the fifties and sixties which used images of husbands spanking housewives (eg the Campbells Cofee ad)

    I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult to find some equivalents with males on the receiving end.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the eye-candy anyway Pandora, and it’s great to get some feedback on this post from you. 🙂


  5. Hi Valdor 🙂

    After posting my comment I was looking back over these, and notived that the pose of the girl in the top image is pretty obviously playful, which mitigates my concerns to some extent. (Although one has to wonder if she’s just laughing at the guy trying to spank her with the wrong hand.)

    The image I find the hottest is the Old Khaki one, though, and without being contextualised in the “safe space” of the BDSM scene, the girl’s fear in this image is, I think, slightly problematic. I’m much less confident than you that it would be just as easy to find equivalents with males on the receiving end. And I don’t think finding one or two would prove your point, either – these ads exist in the context of the Vogue photoshoots in which women lie around on the floor looking beautiful while men gather around holding weapons, or watching while one man leans over her. Or the fashion shoots which have women who are apparently dead or injured. Violence against women in fashion photography is a very problematic issue, and in that context, I don’t think these images are harmless. Which is a real shame, because I’d love to see more spanking pics in advertising as much as the next pervert 🙂

  6. Thanks for explaining more fully your feelings Pandora. I now think I understand where you are coming from with your concerns about violence in the context of the modern day fashion industry (as opposed to old school domestic male chauvinism.) I can only say that I acknowledged the pictures were sexist and as such not entirely harmless.

    The Old Khaki advert is South African. It’s interesting that you should describe it as the hottest and the most problematic. Isn’t that so often the case with this strange kink of ours?

    From my point of view, it’s the least hot, but only because for me OTK reigns supreme, and this is the only pic that doesn’t show that position. Also, I think her expression could be seen as aroused rather than fearful, and the man being semi-naked too helps to give it the air of a consensual sexual encounter.

    That said, the ad would certainly not be allowed in the UK, and that is probably a good thing.

    While we’re having a good old gripe about the fashion industry, can I also point out that all the models in these pictures are way too SKINNY!!

    And here’s a link to that old advert I mentioned, which is hotter than any of the above IMO.

    Coffee Advertisement

    It’s Chase and Samborn coffee not Campbell’s (they make soup! lol). At least he’s spanking her with the right hand!

    Elegant attire, fuller bottoms, and men who knew how to spank them good and proper. Those were the days, hey Pandora?

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