Slappy Go Lucky

“Miss this fabulously funny feelgood comedy at your peril. I’d be truly astounded if you could manage to find a happier, more enjoyable way of spending two hours without having yourself arrested.” – review of Happy-Go-Lucky (Daily Star).

A lot of people get very excited when a new Mike Leigh film comes out, and as something of a fan myself, I’ve been looking forward to seeing his new film Happy-Go-Lucky for a while. The writer-director, whose credits include Abigail’s Party, Secrets & Lies, and Vera Drake, has made his most upbeat film to date.


Bottom marks for teacher played by Sally Hawkins

Sally Hawkins plays Poppy, an always smiling, free-spirited school teacher who refuses to let life get her down. It follows her as she parties with her pals, sorts out her schoolkids, and tangles with a racist driving instructor.

Hawkins’ won the Silver Bear Award for Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival, but the film also bestows upon her another great honour – the status of someone who has been spanked twice on screen.

A while back I wrote about actresses who have been spanked more than once, and speculated briefly about who might be the next to achieve this rare feat. Well here she is folks:

sm sallyhawkins29

“Twice-Spanked Sally” with spring flowers

Spanking No.1 – 2005

Hawkins’ first red rear came in Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky. In this story of unrequited love set in 1930s London, she was both threatened with a spanking, and received an actual swat at the same time.

zt 02

She plays a young bar-maid from a poor family who is trapped in an engagement with a creepy older man, just because he is well-to-do. As the couple walk through a London park, he accuses her of not paying him enough attention. He then says:

“You need a jolly good SPANKING.”

As he says the word “spanking”, he slaps her hard on the bottom, making her jump and cry out in surprise and pain. I’ll try and post this clip on here some time. If you can’t wait, you can easily track it down by simply buying the DVD .

Spanking No. 2  – 2008

I haven’t seen it yet, but according to reports on message boards, there is a scene in Happy-Go-Lucky where Poppy larks around with her flat mates, making silly noises and getting drunk. One of the girls catches her bending over and slaps her bottom with a slipper. She coos:

“Oooh I’d like more of that!”

I expect these clips will surface somewhere on the net before long. In the meantime, you can judge for yourself the sheer spankability of Sally Hawkins in this funny scene from the movie, in which she attends a flamenco dancing lesson. (I’d like to have seen the dance teacher give her a good spanking in front of the whole class!)

Not everyone finds Poppy quite such an appealing character though. I heard writer Tony Parsons on TV describe her as “the most irritating character in the history of film.”

But from our point of view, I’m not sure it makes a lot of difference really. Delightfully ditzy and spankable, or gratingly annoying and spankable. It’s a win-win situation really!

sh 01

“Wha hey! McLintock remake? Where do I sign?”

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8 thoughts on “Slappy Go Lucky”

  1. This girl sounds vaguely reminiscent of that Zoe Deschanel girl who I think got a spank in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. My take on it is that Zoe certainly gave the impression that she might very well be kinky for real.

  2. Chross: It’s on an old VHS tape, so it might take a while to get it onto my computer.

    I was thinking that it would be great to try and get these two clips posted together though.

    Karl: Not heard of this actress, but she’s gotta kinda kinky sounding name 🙂

  3. Zooey Deschanel does indeed get a single smack from Sam Rockwell in HHGTTG. There’s a nice sound effect, and from her reaction I’ve always wondered if she was taken by surprise. As for being “kinky,” I’d have said “goofy” — as she generally is. But she’s always a lot of fun to watch.

  4. js, I’m curious as to whether you just recently watched HHGTTG to check this out, or was this something you knew all along? You do seem pretty much the omniscient type, judging from your previous comments.

    Valdor, HHGTTG is certainly a fun movie. I don’t think you’ll reget the time you spend watching it.

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