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humorama bill ward careless waitress spanking collector108We all love a uniform, and when it’s worn for a service job, enticing possibilities are raised in the mind of the dedicated spanker. A waitress in a tight black skirt with crisp white apron, bending over to reveal a rounded bottom is a sight as delicious as any meal that you could ever wish to be served. In recent years, Gordon Ramsey has made bullying restaurant managers fashionable, and someone in that mould would make a fearsome spanker for a waitress who spilt the soup, arrived late for work, or was insolent to the head chef.

Let’s begin with two familiar celebrity candidates for such treatment. Kat Dennings is currently playing a waitress in 2 Broke Girls and looks amazing in a mustard uniform with red trim and apron. It’s reminds me more of a 1960s air hostess uniform but that’s no bad thing.

KatDennings2BrokeGirlsStills2 (1) dg n waitress outfit tin man

Zooey Deschanel’s waitress moment came in the 2007 mini series Tin Man. She wore a gingham style pinafore for added homespun appeal. Apple pie with cream anyone?

As a kid, I vividly remember reading a newspaper report about the owner of a tea-room who caned the bottoms of his waitresses whenever there was a discrepancy in the cash till. His wife used to witness the 6 stroke canings and the pair were prosecuted together and fined after one girl reported them to the police.


Many thanks to Martyn for sending me the newspaper cutting from the Daily Mail which I haven’t seen since it was first published. It reveals that the canings went on for around 6 months before one girl finally complained only because she was caned twice in a week!

The waitress spanking scenario has been close to my heart ever since. In this candid camera clip from an East European TV show a waitress gets spanked by the manager for spilling food. The customers seem to think it’s real enough!

Waitress1 keri russell6

I had high hopes when a movie came out in 2007 called Waitress. It starred the eminently across-the-knee-worthy Keri Russell. The manager of the diner where she worked had plenty of opportunities, but there was no ‘Candid Camera’ moment to speak of.

waitress spanking

The best substitute I can come up with is this chef/waitress spanking picture. It comes from the Shadow Lane stable, and the uniform of the spankee looks identical to that worn by Keri Russell in Waitress. The onlookers are all luminaries of the US spanking scene including our very distinguished contributor Dan (back row, center).

A movie with a waitress spanking scene appeared in 2011. In Australian thriller Crawl, a seedy bar owner exacts his own form of repayment when one of his waitresses, played by Lauren Dillon, defaults on a loan.

Cara-The Waitress

Janus regularly featured excellent uniform based photoshoots during the 1980s. Their waitress set uses just a few simple props, but it hit the spot for me because of the pretty model called Cara, her uniform, and the memories it evoked of reading that old newspaper report. See the full, new and updated scans of this Janus Uniform Series here.

Waitress spanking artwork isn’t common but one DC comic strip has a redheaded “spitfire” who works in a canteen being spanked by a WWII fighter pilot in front of a group of laughing colleagues. The scene comes comes from a 1969 edition of Our Army at War and Chicago Spanking Review has the full details here.

our army at war no 208 p6 our army at war no 208 spanking panel

I found the picture at the top of this post on CSR too. It’s by fetish artist Bill Ward and shows an otk spanking for a leggy waitress with the diners looking on from their tables in the background. She has earned her punishment by spilling a bowl of spaghetti on a customer’s head! CSR writes:

Many a maid and not a few secretaries got spanked in Bill Ward’s cartoons, but as far as we know only one waitress was subjected to the OTK treatment. Carelessly dumping a bowl of spaghetti on a customer’s head would seem to be adequate justification for the “spankin’-good meal” that the customer serves up in response.

Good OTK positioning, deft execution, and a lovely, well-proportioned spankee make this one of Ward’s best spanking cartoons. Judging from the customer’s appearance and the fact that the waitress does not possess the enormous bosom all of Ward’s women did after a certain point in his career, we’d guess that this cartoon first appeared some time between 1955 and 1962.

Let’s finish by taking a look at some pictures of waitresses from different periods of history. Whilst I like the traditional black and white style uniforms best, retro American diner uniforms are also extremely cute, and the outfits worn in modern day fast food chains are not entirely without their charms.

DinerWaitressRetroUniformPinkBlack carhops2 1930s waitress

short skirt waitress waitress -panty-flash caspost com-hot-waitresses-600x553

Top row: Diner waitress pink and black retro 1950s, car hop waitresses 1930s, 1940s traditional waitress.

Second row: short skirt waitress, pin-up waitress panty flash, Hooters waitresses.

13 thoughts on “Uniform Special – Waitresses”

  1. Love the subject.

    The top pic is actually of what’s referred to as a “car hop,” the girl who brought food right to your car at a mid-20th century drive-in restaurant. In the late 30’s, some of the drive-ins had uniforms a lot more revealing than this. The skirt was replaced with extremely brief, and tight, shorts, giving an effect rather like a bathing suit, typically supplemented with a tall hat. Now THAT was a uniform.

    While we’re on the subject of uniforms, don’t forget the women’s military. When I was a kid, I lived on a U.S. Navy base which had a barracks for WAVES, the U.S. equivalent of WRNS, and that imprinted itself indelibly on my fantasy life. Some years ago “Janus” printed an allegedly true story about a bunch of British WRNS who “borrowed” a car in Singapore and paid a most delightful penalty. Yum.

  2. one of my favourite youtube birthday spanking clips is apt for this topic:

    By the way, have you any of the old clippings from that tearoom story you mention? Sounds intriguing.

  3. Do you remember that restaurant in London called ‘School Dinners’? It did serve the most awful food, every bit as bad as anything I can remember being dished up at school. However it was very successful as you really didn’t go there to eat but to be served by gorgeous women dressed as mini-skirted schoolgirls.

    On of the highlights was to order a ‘knee trembler’ which involved one of these naughty ‘schoolgirls’ sitting on your knee and spoon-feeding you from a bowl of ice cream.

    Another bit of fun for a lot of the customers, but not my cup of tea, was for them to be led up to the front, told to bend over and be caned in full view of all the restaurant. The waitresses would get their bottoms caned as well but only by ‘senior’ staff and not unfortunately the customers.

    I remember it from the eighties and I would think it is long gone. Maybe its time for me to revive such an institution.

  4. Gordon Ramsay is my favourite TV chef. And the celebrity I would most like to be spanked by.

    School Dinners sounds like an interesting place to eat!


  5. Good to see there’s plenty of fellow uniform enthusiasts out there, with some great extras to add to this post.

    The identification of the “car hop” picture is spot on, as that is what the image file was originally called before I changed it. I was wondering exactly what a car hop was, and JS comments have, as usual, come to the rescue. Interesting also to hear that some of the uniforms from all those years ago were so sexy and revealing.

    I hadn’t thought about military uniforms, but now you mention it, I’ve got a few other WREN stories I could use. And who could forget Goldie Hawn in Private Benjamin, hey?

    I don’t have the newspaper clips from this dimly remembered incident, Luther, but I had thought about tracking them down. It wouldn’t be too difficult. If I ever get round to it, I’ll e-mail them to you – although they were brief matter-of-fact court reports, which didn’t provide much detail.

    Great video link, and very apt for this post, as you say. Isn’t “Does anybody have an icepack?” a quote from the spanking scene in Kiss me Kate? Coincidence? Or is this cute young waitress a closet spanko secretly acting out her Katherine Grayson fantasies?

    I loved reading Sir Vice Anglais’ memories of School Dinners. I’ve never been there, but I do remember getting a frisson once just walking past the place, and looking at some of the pictures that were in the window.

    I think it was still going up to a year or two ago, as the last I heard of it was a newspaper report that Prince William had been there for a stag party. I think it might be in a different location these days.

    Interesting that the customers weren’t allowed to cane the waitresses. I’d thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure. The food must have been really bad if it was comparable to actual school dinners.

    Can’t fault the concept though 🙂

    Glad the Gordon Ramsey reference struck a chord with you, Hermione. Perhaps if the food at School Dinners is so bad, they should send him in to sort it out. That could make for an interesting edition of Hell’s Kitchen!

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  7. Was that the restaurant where Prince Andrew went with some of his mates — back in his wild days, before Fergie — and let one of the waitresses cane him?

  8. Excellent and very unique post.

    If i recall correctly, there is one top-notch video, I believe produced by Shadow Lane, that you will want to see!…. involving a very, very very cute waitress spanked in public, in the restaurant, in front of a fairly large audience of actors and she’s wearing a classic white uniform….and I think white panties naturally.



  9. JS: Yeah, one and the same. I guess it runs in the family.

    Dave: Thanks. A waitress tip – you might say!

    Shadow Lane make some top quality vids. 🙂

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