Casanova’s Spanking Paddle?

This picture was taken to advertise a play about Casanova, which is currently being performed at a theatre in the North of England. It’s based on the famous 1980s Athena tennis-girl poster.

casanova 01

The original of course shows the bare-bottomed model holding a tennis racket. But what is she holding in this version?

Most probably a mirror. But why let the facts get in the way of a good fantasy? Couldn’t it just as easily be a jewel-encrusted roccoco spanking paddle as used by the decadent womanisers of 18th Century Venice?

I don’t know if Casanova was into spanking, but the play would be worth watching if it featured him using his paddle to add a bit of rouge to the pale upturned bottoms of his many mistresses and lovers.

at 01

Once on display on the streets of Bradford, the poster proved a huge success according to theatre management.

“Wherever we’ve put it up, it’s been stolen within minutes” said a spokesperson!

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2 thoughts on “Casanova’s Spanking Paddle?”

  1. Interesting to hear that you’ve read Casanova’s memoir, Pandora. I’m sure you could have brought out the dom in him!

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