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With the Monaco Grand Prix, and the Champions League Final in Moscow dominating the headlines here, I was thinking that the sports category of this site doesn’t have many entries. Evidently stories that link sport and spanking are not that easy to come by. WWF wrestling often has some rather basic otk action, and there are plenty of clips knocking around the internet of varying quality.

Tales of athletes and tennis players being spanked by their coaches surface occasionaly. This is an artist’s impression:

lg 01

and this is for real:

lg 06

But after spanking itself, what’s the next best past-time? Bottom-watching of course!

The world of sport provides loads of opportunities for that , and if the game itself is rather dull, you can always take your eye off the ball, as David Beckham demonstrates here whilst attending a basketball match.

beckhamlakersXP 450x411

Any sport that involves riding and saddles is bound to also feature bottoms fairly prominently. Though not usually quite as prominently as in these pictures of naked cycling and horse-riding events.


Up for the crack

godiva-london-404 672194c

Up at the crack

Imagine the red sore bottoms after this dawn ride through London’s Hyde Park, which took place last week.

horse6 ss 490585alg-01

Even when fully clothed, horse-riders can’t seem to keep their behinds out of the spotlight. Not even royal ones such as Zara Philips:

snf06womzp280 481607a

“Does one’s bum look big in this?”

Staying in London, two highlights of the capital’s sporting year are the marathon, which one contestant ran this year in black underwear.

lg 01

And of course Wimbledon, where only white underwear is tolerated. After Tatiana Golovin appeared in red panties last year, I am expecting compulsory centre court underwear checks to be introduced in the same way that footballers have their studs examined before taking the field.

Pantie-check Miss Dokic, please,”



Finally, a trip to the swimming pool is always a safe bet for those interested in top quality sporting action.


Who does this guy think he is…David Beckham?

6 thoughts on “Watch The Booty”

  1. Very amusing and wonderfully illustrated post Valdor. However I do not entirely agree with you that it is hard to link sport and spanking. This year it has been front page news of all British and many European newspapers. F1, Max Moseley and lots of spanking!!!

  2. Splendid post. The obvious issue I love is of pro-sports cheerleading squads’ outfits which have gotten so skimpy over the past few years, does anyone even watch the games anymore?

    Cheer teams are often more like dance teams. I saw a clip on TV of one squad in some schoolgirl get-up.


    p.s. Not that I’m complaining or anything šŸ™‚

  3. wha hey! some comments, the life blood of the blogger.

    Sir Vice Anglais: Well done, you spotted my deliberate error šŸ™‚

    Another sporting story cropped up today, in the wake of the death of the artist Beryl Cook, who was famous for painting large ladies with fat bottoms. One of the papers used a picture that showed a lady bowls player slapping the bottom of a team-mate as she bent over to deliver the ball. Crown Green Bowls and spanking – that must be a first!

    Goatweed: I don’t know if Posh has seen the picture, but since she doesn’t actually have a bottom to speak of, she shouldn’t really blame Beckham.

    Dave: I always thought of cheerleading outfits as being like school uniforms anyway. But cheerleaders and schoolgirls – that’s just greedy!

    Spanking OTK : Thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

    Nice to hear you all enjoyed the pictures – sporty spanking fans should stay tuned for a special Olympics-themed post later in the year, as well as a possible reprise of one of last year’s most popular posts – Wimbledon Some Brief News
    (2008 vintage!!)

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