Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care

sf 02This is an extract from the BRAND NEW James Bond novel published on 28 May 2008, the 100th anniversary of Bond creator Ian Fleming’s birth.

Sebastian Faulks was commissioned to write the novel by the family of Fleming. He has not attempted to modernise Bond, and the story has all the classic elements including:

  • a beautiful double-crossing Bond girl, Scarlett Papava
  • a malevolent mastermind, Julius Gorner, sporting a top deformity, one hand that’s a monkey’s paw
  • a spanking threat for sexy secretary Miss Moneypenny!

Near the start of the book, Bond is instructed by M to go on a mission to Paris:

Yes. Get in touch with Mathis as soon as you arrive in Paris. Miss Moneypenny’s already booked your tickets and hotel.”
“Thank you, sir.” Bond rose to go.
“And, James, listen. You will be careful, won’t you? I know that drugs don’t sound like arms or even diamonds. But I have a bad feeling about this man. Very bad. He has a lot of blood on his hands already.”
Bond nodded, went out and closed the door.

Miss Moneypenny looked up from her desk. She held up a sealed brown envelope. “You lucky boy,” she said. “Paris in the spring. I’ve found you a lovely hotel. Oh, look, you forgot to give M his chocolates.”
Bond put the red bag down on her desk. “You have them,” he said.
“You are sweet, James. Thank you. Your flight’s at six. You’ve just got time for your first session of deep breathing and relaxation exercises. I’ve made a booking for you at two thirty. On the second floor.”
“You wait till I get back from Paris,” Bond said, as he headed towards the lift. “Then I’ll give you cause for heavy breathing.”
“‘Deep breathing’ was the expression, James. There is a difference.”
“Or if you insist on splitting hairs I shall have to resort to something firmer. A good spanking, perhaps. So you won’t be able to sit down for a week.”
“Really, James, you’re all talk these days.”
The lift doors closed before Bond could come up with a reply.

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5 thoughts on “Sebastian Faulks’ Devil May Care”

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  2. “one hand that’s a monkey’s paw”

    You know, I bet his mother warned him that would happen if he didn’t stop…..

    Dr. Ken

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