Her Ladyship is Not Best Pleased

In my last post, we left two naughty maids as they had been sent to the library of Muckington Manor by their mistress for failing to do their chores properly.

usm 12

For those who want to cut to the chase and see what happens when they are in the library, click this link. Then (after clicking on the cover of the book), open the menu (bottom left), and click on “Discipline”; OR click on the hidden link in the far left skylight of the roof of the house.

(Includes short video clip and excellent line drawings)


The picture of the maids above comes from a “sexy adventure booklet” made for lingerie company Agent Provocateur called The Lady of the Manor.

daisy head

The dark-haired maid is played by 19 year-old model Daisy Lowe (above), who has since become a regular in the gossip columns and the star of a reality TV show.

She is the daughter of a model (Pearl Lowe) and a rock star (Gavin Rossdale) and was described in The Sunday Times last month as “London’s hottest it-girl”. She has also been in the news for dating super-cool record producer Mark Ronson.

dl 10

Daisy Lowe and Peaches Geldoff

The other maid is a a stunning Australian redhead called Tiah Eckhardt.

tiah 01

Lady A-P is played by famous model and actress Catherine Bailey. The scenes were shot in a country house outside Oxford.

lap 01

According to reports, the fabulously sexy 46 year-old enjoyed playing the role of the mistress in charge of two naughty French maids. One minute she is whipping their bare bottoms; the next she is half nude, being massaged by them in a bubble bath.

“I liked being in control.” she said.

I bet she did! How satisfying for a middle-aged former it-girl to get to discipline today’s young pretenders.

And Daisy and Tiah look genuinely intimidated by her, as she strides up and down the library tapping her riding crop, with their quivering little bottoms entirely at her mercy. What a sight!

I mentioned the line drawings, which are by Tim Major. I particularly like the one where the imperious mistress is dragging the pair of miscreants to the library by their ears.

If you’ve read this far, you will probably prefer to click the link above and read the whole story.

You will discover that the maids were luckily spared punishment for their laziness in doing their chores. But later, after spying on their mistress romping with a lover in the stables, they are found out by a piece of hay in Tiah’s hair.

“Her ladyship is not best pleased.”

So it’s back to the library, and this time the misbehaving maids are not so fortunate.

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6 thoughts on “Her Ladyship is Not Best Pleased”

  1. Loving this series of postings on maids 🙂 Can’t help wondering why it is always the maid that gets the spanking? There must be some maids out there who are sick of their stupid bosses, that can’t learn to use a coaster or are always leaving a mess around the place.

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