Assless Panties

Designers today are reaching new heights in their fetishization of butt cleavage. There’s a whole spectrum of crack-revealing styles on the market, and you can likely find them draped around the shapely derrieres of fashionable women near you. From a cultural point of view, anything that helps to draw attention to the bottom as an erogenous zone and brings it the sort of attention traditionally lavished on breasts has to be a good thing doesn’t it?

Reclaiming the “builder’s bum” once and for all, we now have butt cleavage of a much more purposeful and erotic sort.

Yes, the day of the assless pantie has arrived!



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Whilst spanking isn’t quite the first form of kinky sex that you might associate with this form of underwear, many companies market them as “spanking panties” alongside implements such as paddles and rulers.


They seem a bit coy about letting us see their spanking tools actually being used but I found this pic from a French company which shows a model spanked on the (non-existant) seat of her fashionably assless panties.

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A couple more assless pantie + spanking paddle combinations.


Kate Moss looks great in this Agent Provocateur ad and I’ve included two pictures below showing other models wearing the same very popular design.




These two show more  styles featuring heart-shaped see-through panels.

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Got any more assless pantie pics? Send them to me and I’ll add them to this post with a credit of course.

6 thoughts on “Assless Panties”

  1. Long before these fashions, I have maintained that the way women dressed called attention to their bottoms and brought thoughts about spanking to one’s mind when seeing them.Their fashions made spanking them easier,more tempting, and in the case of discipline provided a reason for spanking-for wearing such an outfit.
    First their were short shorts and mini-skirts(though these were meant to call attention to the legs-but then a switch applied to bare legs is a form of traditional oldfashioned discipline especially in older days in the rural South.Indeed one favorite scenario of mine involves seeing a woman in short-shorts receiving a legswitching).
    Tight jeans and spandex running tights certainly call attention to the bottom even though its covered.And some spanking sites make videos featuring paddle swats on tight jeans.
    But first thong swimwear and then the fashion of exposing thong panties under lowslung jeans(not to mention when cleavage exposed and no panties visible) brought things to a new level.
    The issue of thong exposure brought up a new dress code issue for schools and workplaces.Sexy underwear has been around a long time-Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood have been around for years. But this was new-exposing it in public! Obviously some inhibitions have broken down-time was when a woman worried about a bit of slip showing.
    For those who like seeing cute bottoms,and for those involved in some way with spanking,whether actually or vicariously, things have never been better.
    Some great pictures here-talk about about being dressed for the occasion-the “occasion” being a spanking! That group of girls outside in thongs look especially bratty,would make for a great F/f scene,where their moms show up with paddles to use on their daughters who are displaying far too much in public.

  2. Another wonderful research project Valdor. Is the whole world slowly going spanko or what? You continue to come up with original material, seemingly pulled right out of the mainstream media and culture. I mean, can there be any other explanation for it other than that the spanko meme is poised for big time popularity. And they we can say we knew you when!

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