Ooh…You Are Awful

A recent TV documentary called The Many Faces of Dick Emery prompted me to revise this post. It showed the British TV comedian talking about his one and only film vehicle  which made a big impression on me growing up. It was also nice to see a modern day comedian, David Baddiel, coming out as an unlikely fan of the movie.



These pictures show a scene from the obscure low budget 1972 British comedy  Ooh You Are Awful starring Dick Emery. It takes place in a photo-booth where the lovely Cheryl Kennedy has been duped into photographing her own bottom!


Like the moon in the night sky, Cheryl’s beautifully rounded behind is highlighted against the dark background by the light streaming through the parted curtain. We can clearly see a tattoo with letters and numbers written inside a heart on one of her cheeks.

What a perfect opportunity for a spanking!


Dick eagerly waits for the photos to drop.


In his TV series, he rarely wasted an opportunity to pat or tap a lady’s bottom. This was the 1970s after all.

But, in fact, Cheryl’s behind was in even more imminent peril…in the shape of the fearsome underworld gang leader and Cheryl’s screen brother… Sid Sabbath!

….who is NOT best pleased to discover his little sister baring all in a photo booth at a London railway station!


He shouts at an over-the shoulder-looking Cheryl: “What would our mum say if she could see you now?”

Now, if you were a young actress in the early 1970s, and you had to bare your bottom for this particular scene, who would be the last person you would want to be playing Sid Sabbath?


Quite possibly, one Derren Nesbitt who was fined for spanking his actress wife, Anne Aubrey, with a leather thong!


The film was a vehicle for the comic talents of  Emery who stars as a London conman who trusts his partner Reggie to stash some loot in a Swiss bank. When Reggie is killed, he discovers that he recorded the combination number of the safety deposit box by having it tattooed on the behinds of four lovely ladies – each one having part of the code within a heart.

A quest ensues. Yes, that’s a quest to get a close-up look at four women’s bare bottoms!

Dick is forced to don a number of cunning disguises to get close enough for a peek at his attractive quarries. A series of cartoon-style capers ensue in which he is often amusingly thwarted at the last minute.

The ladies featured are:

A railway station announcer (Cheryl Kennedy) who is told that she has inherited a large sum of money, but must first prove her identity via the tattoo.

A bride on her wedding day (Julie Crosthwaite), who is exposed before all her guests.

A policewoman (Anna Gilchrist) who wears brief shorts to teach a self-defence class in the gym.

The daughter of a rich aristocrat (Lisa Goddard), who is spied upon as she uses an electric slimming machine (But he can’t read the code number with his binoculars because her bottom is wobbling too fast!). Emery impersonates an aging butler to get close to her spectacular country seat!
OYA Liza G 1

OYA Liza G 3

OYA Liza G 4

OYA Liza G 5

This must be one of the most butt-focussed films ever made, full of fanny humor but sadly no actual spanking.

But according to this comment on the IMDb website, there might still be some hope:

“It is actually a very clever and original plot. It would be ideal for a remake by Austin Powers.”

Now there’s a thought. And surely, as Mike Myers character would say, this time one of the four tattooed ladies will be “heading the right way for a smacked bottom!”

Just like the housewife in this bonus clip from another short film that Dick Emery made called The Milkman.

9 thoughts on “Ooh…You Are Awful”

  1. Hi

    excellent website! Have to correct one thing – sadly cheryl didn’t appear in ‘Please sir’ it was the very similar looking (equally beautiful and equally spankable) carol Hawkins. Cheryl is probably best known for appearing on the mike yarwood show. Have to say would love to see Miss Ewell give both these lovely lady’s six with the slipper in front of the class!


  2. Thanks for the correction Marty,

    I read an interview with Carol Hawkins when I was researching the post and the penny still didn’t drop!. (“What a silly billy!” – As Mike Yarwood’s version of Denis Healy would have said!)

    They are very similiar looking though as you point out, so at least the fantasy about Miss Ewell still holds up.

    My fave actress from this period though was Sally Geeson – remember her?

  3. sally geeson was very spankable especially in in bless this house – in fact, at the time i was hoping that sid james might apply the slipper to both sally and diane coupland, who played his wife but sadly it only happened in my head (and i guess a few thousand other peoples heads!) In ‘bless this house’ occasionally the lovely Gay Soper would appear as the barmaid – she was the girl who received about 3 spankings in the film ‘ups and downs of a handyman’ (mostly ups i would think!) once dressed up as a schoolgirl – pretty exciting the first time i saw it – well before videos and the internet. One final coincidence is, that sally and carol hawkins appeared together in the film ‘carry on abroad’. Oh and Sally’s older sister judy also had a delectable rear end, which i’m sure i saw in all it’s glory, in a film called ‘Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush’ but its a long time ago so the memory might be wishful thinking!

    keep up the great work


  4. A wife AND daughter slippering scene would certainly have been a first! You forgot to mention that in the film version of Bless This House, Sid James did threaten Sally with a spanking. She had been on a student demonstration and got into trouble with the police. After bailing her out, Sid sits her down for a lecture, and tells her he ought to give her a bloomin’ good spanking. She accuses him of resorting too readily to violence. (which is a remark consistent with her character as a “peace-loving” student.)

    Shame Sid didn’t “do a Bob Todd” on Sally’s backside!

  5. HI Marty, I can`t be sure re `The Mulberry Bush`, but Judy`s fair bottom was seen in “Three into Two wont Go ” where she is a chambermaid in an hotel, ande is fancied by Rod Steiger. She waits in his room, when he pays his next visit, she stark naked,and is pursued downstairs, displaying a pale bouncing bottom as she nips downstairs and hides in the cupboard, making enough noise to be sure that she is discovered.

  6. Hi Valdor and Ettore

    I had forgotten about the film version – back in the 60s/70s i’ve a feeling quite a few “grown up daughters” found out that were not too big for a spanking, after their dads picked up from the police station following their arrests. Do you remember the poll tax riot when a young lady was filmed charging the police line (i think she might have got knocked over by a police horse). The next day her identity was established and she was in fact the daughter of a clergyman – the sun newspaper suggested that when he got her home he used his slipper on a part of her anatomy that would do her the most good!
    Ettore – the film with rod steiger is the film I’m thinking of! thanks for correcting my claim it was in The Mulberry Bush. good scene though!

  7. The film ‘Oh you are awful’ was on BBC2 last night (about 1a.m.) i tried to record it but did something wrong and ended up with the film showing in just the top right hand corner of the screen in a box about 8inches x 6 inches!

    Question for Eric – Eric how are you so sure that it is Cheryl’s bare bum and not a bottom double?

  8. Its available on dvd ,Dick Emery was a great English comedian very popular on television the BBC shows he did are not available on dvd yet .lovely girls mentioned ,best from ,Tim.

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