James Bond Premiere

James Bond hype is everywhere at the moment with the premiere of the new movie A Quantum of Solace in London tonight. I’ve even had a timely Bond-related comment from JS666 (on the post below this one). It’s a very interesting one too about Dame Judi Dench. In a documentary about Bond girls, says JS, the actress bemoaned the lack of spanking in modern Bonds!

I saw a Bond documentary too recently on the character’s creator Ian Fleming. It was presented by Joanna Lumley who is the sort woman of whom Fleming would have very much approved.

She said she was fascinated by the writer and mentioned his taste for sado-masochistic sex, suggesting that this was due to his having a dominant mother (not that old chestnut!)

This didn’t put her off though. On the contrary she seemed to be besotted by Fleming. Is she also “fascinated” by the thought of what Fleming would have done to her bottom given half the chance I wonder?

jl 01jl 02

How would the caddish Ian Fleming have dealt with Joanna Lumley, a woman after his own heart? She may well have fantasised about this herself.

Joanna Lumley might be interested to hear that there’s a biopic of Ian Fleming in the pipeline.

And Dame Judy would I’m sure approve of the spanking threat for Miss Moneypenny in the latest Bond novel Devil May Care , which is sure to be filmed eventually.

And if you still haven’t had enough Bond themed fun, why not (re)read my tongue-in-cheek account of how how A Quantum Of Solace got its name . I had an email from a reader who said he’d read this post fifteen times.

And that’s not hype!

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