Other Punishments

These different forms of discipline all have much going for them as preliminaries or add ons to corporal punishment. And even on their own, you have to admit, they still have their charms.

Sassy3Corner time is a punishment that many spanking fans also seem to appreciate. In this painting by Sassy Bottoms, the emphasis is very much on time. The hands of that pocket watch must be turning all too slowly for the red-bottomed young lady. I like the way she’s really IN that corner – nose to the wall. You can almost hear the watch ticking, accompanied by the rueful sound of muffled snuffling!

It’s kind of hard to explain the appeal of corner time in words but the picture below does it without the need for any. I don’t know the name of this particular model but I have heard some say that they actually enjoy corner time – a meditative type of thing I suppose.

op 01

Associated mainly with the schoolroom, the punishment of writing lines has a similar quiet yet timeless appeal.

wl 01

I Will Not Chew Gum

These pictures are a bit “sexed up” but there’s nothing wrong with that. They all have a twist too. In the first two the model is doing the very thing that she has been made to write lines for in the first place.

wl 02

I Will Not Talk In Class

I love the third one too in which the blonde has defiantly added “and still am” to the end of a row of “I’ve been a bad girls.” These naughty schoolgirls clearly deserve some extra punishment, as they just haven’t learned their lesson!

op 02

I’ve Been A Bad Girl

All great fun, but sometimes you long for something a bit more realistic.

Red Lines is a short (six minutes) British horror film in which a schoolgirl called Emily is put in after-school detention by her schoolmaster. Played by Kirsty Levett, it seems our heroine has a bad habit of running in the school hallways, so her punishment is to write lines:”I must not run.”

rl 01

I Must Not Run

“I want to see that pad half-full by the time I come back,'” says Sir. “The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.’ Cue one of the naughtiest tongue-sticking-out moments you are likely to see.

The schoolmaster exits the room, leaving the girl to her repetitive task. The direction from Frazer Lee captures the claustrophobic and, for me, erotic atmosphere of the classroom perfectly.

Again, as with corner time, there’s something strangely arousing about the simple monotony of the punishment task that Emily is performing. You get some space and time to contemplate and build your own fantasy around what is about to happen. “I must not run, I must not run, I must not run…”

Red Lines (in spite of it’s very promising title!) turns out to be a grisly zombie horror rather than a caning movie, but you wouldn’t know it from the first couple of minutes or so.

rl 03

Emily’s Dismay

But what if the punishment lines given were: “Mr Smith is going to cane my bare bottom for running.”?

When the teacher returns, to Emily’s dismay, he is carrying the dreaded implement. He waits for her to finish the page she is working on, in an increasingly trembling hand. Then he takes the pad from her and places it on his desk before administering the second part of her punishment. “Six strokes Emily, plus an extra one for sticking out your tongue” he says. (Yes Sir has eyes in the back of his head!)

Having marked his own “red lines” across Emily’s bottom he leaves, but not before placing her lines in the drawer of his desk where he keeps a souvenir collection! (In the film he actually keeps locks of hair!)

Enforced physical exercise is, I think, essentially a military punishment. Whether it’s running, push ups, or performing a menial task, it begs to be accompanied by a barking sergeant. The more attractive the miscreant, the louder he usually needs to bark!

nk 01

Push ups have the bonus of being a “bottoms up in the air” kind of exercise!

op 03

“Gimme Thirty!”

Nude exercises add an extra dimension of humiliation, but an army uniform looks good too. I’m saving some of my military discipline pics for a separate post on the subject, so to finish here’s another cheeky lines pic.

wl 03

I Must Not Chase The Boys

And an absolutely classic old school corner time moment.

ct 01


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2 thoughts on “Other Punishments”

  1. Good call js – I hadn’t thought about mouth soaping. There’s also the dunce’s cap which I’ve seen used to good effect in a few fetish photos.

    Not quite enough for “Other Punishments II” perhaps, but you never know.

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