Nadia Nerina and Some New Blogs

Many thanks to Richard Windsor for posting some pictures of Nadia Nerina being spanked in the ballet La Fille Mal Gardee. This was shown on UK television in 1960, and was a seminal early spanking media moment in the lives of more than one Spank Statement reader.

The stills are from LIFE, and give a good indication of why Naughty Nadia’s comeuppance is widely rated as the best of all the spankings from productions of this ballet.


The spanking blogosphere continues to grow and evolve. It can be hard keeping up with new blogs as they come and old blogs as they go, but I haven’t updated the blogroll for a while, so here’s a few new names on the scene that I’ve discovered recently. If you visit them and leave comments, there’s more chance that they will stay around.

Brambleberry Blush

Hermione’s Heart

About Spanking

Spanking Art Blog

Spanking News Blog

Think Pink

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