The Congress Dances

I’ve uploaded a clip from this 1931 German film which stars Lilian Harvey as a Viennese glove seller who finds herself in trouble with the law. The caning to which she is sentenced is not carried through in the end…but what a build up!

Watch it here

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2 thoughts on “The Congress Dances”

  1. A reader writes by email:

    The reason the girl is in trouble with the law is that she accidentally, from a window up above, knocked over a flowerpot which almost hit the King who was parading through the city. She was accused of trying to kill the King.
    I don’t know how much German you know but I love the way the Judge sentences her:
    ”Fünf und zwansig Schläge…twenty-five strokes…an der nackten Hintern…on the bare bottom…mit Rohrstock nummer elf…with cane number eleven…”
    It’s also amusing to see how disappointed the caner is when the sentence is upheld. I feel for him…he could at least have been allowed to bare her bottom and giver her a few…
    (You do know they made a new version of it many years later? Not as good, but the girl is still sentenced.)

  2. Maybe one day they will make a remake of the movie “Congress Dances”.
    And a movie director will have the foresite, to change the script and give the caning the naughty girl deserves. I would love to see her dress being raised, her knickers taken down to around her ankles, and given a dozen strokes of a whippy cane upon her tender bare bottom.

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