Spanked by Scrooge

smd 05Santa Spanking? Bah Humbug! Let’s kick off the festive season with a bit of miserly old Scrooge spanking!

Scrooge Must Die! is an x-rated take on A Christmas Carol. (Scrooge doesn’t actually say “Humbug!”, he says “Asshole!”). And yes, that is a woman, Angela Berliner, being spanked otk in a stage version of Dickens’ Christmas classic.

She plays Tiny Tim in the show which she wrote and directed for The Actor’s Gang, an LA based theater group.


In the 2007 film, Strange Girls, the same actress dishes out a spanking….to the rear of her twin sister Jordana! The Berliner sisters play a pair of identical siblings who do everything in complete synchronization.

sg 01sg 02 StrangeGirlsposter sm

Angela (left) spanks Jordana (right) who is once again, for some reason, dressed in men’s clothing. Chross has posted the clip here.

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