Walking In A White Pantie Wonderland

I don’t know what the chances of a white Christmas are in your neck of the woods, but new year cinema goers are pretty much guaranteed some snow. That’s “snow” as in the Australian slang word for ladies underwear…because it’s usually WHITE!

I defy any man to walk past this poster in their local theatre and NOT have their head turned. The movie is The Unborn, a good old fashioned horror flick written and directed by David S. Goyer.

wp 05

The owner of the pretty promotional posterior is 23 year-old Odette Yustman. Her previous credits include Cloverfield, but she is about to become most famous for filling out a pair of white panties with such aplomb.

wp 07

Odette Yustman

The image is of course photoshopped, but the graphic artistry only serves to highlight the firm pertness of her rump, and the pristine purity of those panties. In the vein of possession classics The Omen and The Exorcist, the movie finds Yustman as the subject of a malevolent spirit who is haunting her. Not a malevolent spirit with a kink for spanking girls in white panties by any chance?

White pantie aficionados should have yet another opportunity to indulge their interest when the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth is released in spring 2009. Starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl, pictures from the film have already appeared which show Heigl wearing nothing but a t-shirt and full white panties.

wp 01

The Ugly Truth tells the story of a romantically challenged morning show producer (Heigl) who is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent (Butler) to prove his theories on relationships and allow her to find love.

Now if that was the plot of a 40s/50s movie, you’d think it sounded pretty promising from a spanko point of view. There’s no doubting the charms of the the Heigl heiney, but will the “chauvinistic” Butler give it a dose of what it deserves?

wp 02

I think it’s pretty much obligatory for any spanko blogger to do a “white pantie post” at some point. At the critical moment when the jeans come down or the skirt goes up, there’s always a part of me that is just a little disappointed if the panties aren’t white.

wp 03

Whilst total whiteness is preferred, there’s nothing wrong with a fun logo – or even a functional logo – days of the week are definitely “allowed”.

wp 04

I Need A Spanking

And this logo seems to sum up what we all think when we see a white pantie-clad bottom. Yes, just like Bing Crosby, I’m dreaming of a WHITE Christmas!

wp 06

The Unborn is released in the U.S. from January 9th but not until February 27th in the U.K.

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3 thoughts on “Walking In A White Pantie Wonderland”

  1. Hi Valdor – long time since I’ve made any comment here. There have been a lot of your posts that have been really interesting and fun but and I’ve wanted to add my pennyworth but just no time. Now I feel a bit guilty because this comment is a bit pedantic.

    The slogan on the rear of the pretty girl’s panties translates from French as “I want a spanking”. I need a spanking would be “J’ai besoin d’une fessee” Sorry to be so boring. But it’s great when girls want a spanking rather than us lot trying to think of a reason to spank them.

  2. Hmmm mm wow great find….what a movie poster, the Unborn looks quite err …promising.

    I hope it’s better than the movie “Cloverfield” that you mentioned, which I thought was quite the stinker.


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