Most Spankable Celebrity 2008

Don’t miss your chance to vote for the Most Spankable Celebrity of 2008.

I’ve listed 20 options including actresses, models, sportswomen and singing stars. There’s also a few “wild cards” in there. They’ve all been discussed and written about on spanking blogs or chat forums during the year. So vote NOW!

You can’t view the results – I’ve disabled the link. In the new year I’ll do an awards post with some other categories in addition to unveiling your “Most Spankable Celebrity 2008”.

Edit: The poll is now closed. Thanks for your votes. The full results will be posted soon.

5 thoughts on “Most Spankable Celebrity 2008”

  1. Hi Karl,

    Yes the poll is working fine. I’ve disabled the “view results” button. I didn’t want people to be influenced by who everyone else was voting for.

    I’ve checked the current postition and there’s an exact tie for first place!! So keep on voting everyone. Your vote could make all the difference 🙂

  2. Good strategy now that I think of it. Guess I just wondered if your widget was working since it wasn’t giving any sort of “feeback”.

  3. I am very pleased that Sarah Palin made the list of most spankable women. Personally I would have chosen her “uno numero”. Believe me this beautiful attractive ‘soccer mom’, would have her Saks Fifth Ave dress raised waist high, her Victoria Secret bloomers dwon around her knees, and just wearing her gartebelt and stockings, would have been given by me 25 strokes hard strokes with the cane..

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