Kate Winslet’s Golden Globes

kw 008

A recent comment from a Kate Winslet fan was very timely, as this post was already in the pipeline. She’s never been mentioned on this site before, so I’m glad to be able to put that right. And well done Frants for beating me to it…just!

Small but rounded, womanly yet firm, Kate Winslet’s rear has earned her a Golden Globe award for its spectacular centre-stage performance in The Reader.

And it’s hotly tipped to become an Oscar-winning tush too. No body doubles, no airbrushing, this is just the sort of brave and honest A-list bottom-baring that deserves to be recognised by the academy.

Kate has always been a refreshing counter balance to stick thin Hollywood actresses, and a champion for “real” women everywhere. She was called “Blubber” at school but after years of unkind comments about her weight she has proved that her behind is actually a splendid example of pert perfection. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any smaller!

kw 007

Kate once filmed a back whipping scene in Quills (2002), but for some strange reason her bottom seems to have avoided any movie spankings. Shame really as she would be a top choice to play the Maureen O’ Hara role in a remake of McClintock, and she’s coming up to the right age for it too.

Kate has proved before that she is justifiably proud of her behind. In 2007, she submitted this self-portrait to a Celebrity Charity Art Auction. “Fancy getting your hands on Kate Winslet’s bum?” asked the headlines at the time.

kw 0009

What would a psychologist make of her choice of red coloured paint I wonder?

She has been nominated five times for an Oscar and was asked if she finally wanted to win one this year:

“Do I want it?” she said, “You bet your f–king ass I do!”

As actress Constance Bennett sighed on viewing Marilyn Monroe’s derriere: ‘There’s a broad with a future behind her!’

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One thought on “Kate Winslet’s Golden Globes”

  1. I saw ‘The Reader’ and was pleasantly surprised by Kate’s lovely rear. She’s the kind of English beauty I’ve always loved spanking. I’d guess that beneath that cool exterior there’s a yearning and willing spankee.


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