Ivor Goldblatt

“Thank you for writing to Red Stripe. We are the only hands-on spanking club in Great Britain and these are the reasons why:

Red Stripe is run by people who are as enthusiastic about the spanking scene as you are. Because the girls who attend Red Stripe parties are truly submissive and really enjoy the spanking scene, and because we listen to the opinions of our members.

So if you enjoy putting a cheeky schoolgirl over your knee, pulling down her knickers and giving her a thorough and well-deserved spanking then you will definitely enjoy a Red Stripe party.”

(Introduction to the Red Stripe Club)

Ivor Goldblatt’s contribution to the development of the modern UK spanking scene cannot be underestimated. His Red Stripe Club was many people’s introduction to the scene. Operating out of deepest Berkshire in the early 90s, the club had 2,000 members, held four or five parties a month, and made 10 movies a year.

He was a pioneer who paved the way for others to replicate and adapt his role-play scenario templates. He set clear rules of behaviour and enforced them thoroughly.

He was always on hand and very protective of his ‘girls’, but equally determined that the guys were fairly treated too. The punters loved it because it was safe, suburban and regulated, and what turned Ivor on was what turned them on. The whole circus was conducted with an air of effortless good humour.

But it wasn’t to last.

First came an acrimonious split with his business partner. This ultimately fragmented the scene and caused a huge amount of bad feeling – echos of which can still be felt today.

The News of the World, with whom he had advertised in the past, infiltrated the Red Stripe Christmas party and a story was printed. He was appalled at the photograph of him they used, but otherwise unmoved: “It’s the life I chose…Might even end up with a few new punters!”

But that life was tragically cut short in 2001, just before the internet boom took off, when he was brutally murdered.

He is remembered in the Ivor caning competition at The Night Of The Cane, but in any other vanilla walk of life he would have received a medal or at least an honorary doctorate (of spanking?).

Now Ivor’s son, David Goldblatt, has written a brilliant piece about his father called Doing the Paperwork — Life in the Aftermath of a Violent Death. It is part of an anthology of stories and essays on the theme of “Fathers”, and The Sunday Times has just published an edited version of it which can be read online here:


Be prepared for a shocking, moving and hugely rewarding read. It has it’s lighter moments too such as the passage describing Ivor’s trip to America.

Surely this thought-provoking story packed with incident, intrigue, kinkiness and murder, could attract the attention of film and TV producers. A fascinating prospect indeed.

Red Stripe films can be purchased here.

And the book, Granta 104: Fathers the Men Who Made Us by Alex Clark (Editor), can be purchased here.

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2 thoughts on “Ivor Goldblatt”

  1. Wow, some real life cultural history of the spanking sort from Britain. I like the picture of girls lined up around the block for auditions. That’s a sweet one. I wonder if “getting a spanking” was part of the audition process.

    And it’s interesting too that his son says they knew about his interest in spanking long before, but thought nothing of it. I think that’s telling. We think some times that it’s such a deep dark secret but to other people, it’s like nothing…it’s like “so what”.

    Another great find, Valdor!

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