Danielle Emerick

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Ultra-feminine and bathed in golden light, spanking fetish photography doesn’t get much classier than this Danielle Emerick shot. It was taken in the garden of Julie Strain, one of the models. So that’s horticulture and decking courtesy of the 6ft 1in B-movie star, who also makes an awesome disciplinarian with her athletic frame, sultry looks and kinky knee-high boots. (Click for larger image)

The contrastingly pale and delicate beauty draped across her knees is Dita Von Teese, who has never looked more ravishing than in this picture. According to Danielle, Julie is spanking Dita after catching her “peeping” into her backyard!

Add to the mix an artist’s eye for colour, costume and composition, and the result is a picture to really treasure. Thanks ladies!

Danielle Emerick is a Los Angeles based photographer who has worked with many top fetish and pin-up models. On her MySpace page she lists Secretary as one of her best films: “Wish I had a boss that sexy!”.

She’s clearly well into our kink, but I couldn’t find any other pictures featuring spanking that she has done. A selection of her work, including Julie Spanks Dita, can be bought as a print or card at redbubble.com

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7 thoughts on “Danielle Emerick”

  1. As you say, Valdor, ’tis a lovely photo, sensitively done in many respects. Now didn’t I read somewhere that Dita is, along with all her other interests like Burlesque and retro fashion, an afficionado of spanking as well? She certainly seems right at home over this young lady’s lap. Now if I were directing this shoot, we’d be seeing a little more colour on Dita’s lovely cheeks.

  2. Yes Karl, Dita has dabbled with spanking before in both her work and her private life, but I’ve never seen a shot of her with a red bottom I must admit. She sure knows how to strike a pose though.

  3. Hey I googled my name and found this thread I shot this photo of Julie and Dita back in the day… Dita did a lot of fetish work before she became so well known. I have another spanking shoot of her and Julie I will try to dig up.

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