Wasn’t Weeds Great? Part Two

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…

One of the many great things about Weeds was the scene in which Mary Louise Parker tenderly feels her sore bottom in the aftermath of the spanking she received from Demián Bichir.

Still wearing those black lacy panties, she has bunched them up to reveal her sore right cheek. She gingerly traces the marks with her fingers whilst the camera pans slowly up to her face.

As it does so, her solemn expression is replaced by…wait for it…a faint smile breaking across her lips!

Oh YES!! What a crucial moment that is! This intimate little scene now speaks volumes.

It suggests that she is INTRIGUED by her red bottom, FLATTERED by her red bottom, AMUSED by her red bottom, PROUD of her red bottom, and yes, AROUSED by her red bottom!

mmow 013

On a deeper level, does it also indicate that after years in the wilderness, tv and movie spankings are now acceptable again? Just a bit of harmless fun after all? And HOT!

Or is that reading too much into it?

The bedroom, where the scene takes place, is always a good, safe place to “check it out”. Just before bed is as good a time as any.

mmow 01mmow 04

The hall mirror is convenient for the spanked housewife to assess the exact shade of rosy glow spreading across her cheeks. Best to make sure that no visitors are expected first!

mmow 03

The bathroom is probably the safest and most private place of all. And some soothing cream may well be to hand. This fifties chick is actually just straightening her stockings, but we all get to check out the cheeky reflection.

mmow 08

This isn’t a spanking picture either but the aspiring nude model seems to think that  her bottom is beautiful enough to be a work of art. And who would disagree?

mmow 06

There are two onlookers involved again of course – the bottom’s owner and the viewer of the picture. This one below has THREE: the viewer, an invisible intruder, and the blonde bather herself when she turns round and notices just what the others can already see!

mmow 09

In recent years the obsession with weight and dieting has led to an epidemic of twisting round and peering over shoulders at swelling curves in the mirror. But this picture suggests that it is not an entirely modern phenomenon.

mmow 10

The dressing-room mirror provides possibly the best but most unforgiving view of all. But are these giant mirrors partly responsible for the onset of the “does my butt look big in this?” culture?.

mmow 11

mmm….I think I might need the next size up!!

But returning to Weeds, I found a great quote by Demián Bichir in an interview he gave to the LA Times that I don’t think has been picked up on before. Speaking about his role as the strongman Tijuana mayor, Esteban Reyes, opposite Parker’s soccer mom turned pot-dealer Nancy Botwin:

“Mary-Louise, she can be intimidating in many ways, because she’s beautiful, because she’s such a great actress, and also because she’s serious and she’s pretty focused,” says Bichir.

He recalls meeting Parker his first day on set and hitting it off as soon as they started talking about theater, where Parker also works regularly. Their mutual stage affinity helped foment a powerful on-screen chemistry that was sealed in the episode in which Esteban takes Nancy over his knee and paddles her to show who’s boss.

“My fan mail went to the skies when that happened,” Bichir says, laughing. “There is a list of women who want to be spanked by me now!”

mmow 014

I hope Bichir has plenty of mirrors in his home! Then his visiting fans will all be able to compare and compete over “…who has the reddest bottom of all?”


Video Uploader: Paul H666

Image consultant: JS666

Demian Bichir article: found here

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3 thoughts on “Wasn’t Weeds Great? Part Two”

    1. Everybody seems to make the same mistake you did, so don’t feel bad.

      You wrote:

      “Still wearing those black lacy panties, she has bunched them up to reveal her sore right cheek.”

      Actually, it was her sore LEFT cheek. What you are looking at is a mirror image. And it’s proper that the producers had her inspecting her left cheek, because in the spanking itself, that is the only one that got the swats — 21, by my count.


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