Uniform Special – SCHOOLGIRLS!!! Part Two

“Sits alone and bends his cane / Same old backsides again,”

(from “Baggy Trousers” by Madness)

The musical Our House is based on the songs of the 1980s British pop group Madness, and these lines come from one of their most famous hits which is all about schooldays.

The routine for the song sees the cast in school uniforms with a ‘classroom’ stage set of sliding desks. There’s also a cane-wielding headmaster.

In the original British production, when the two lines are sung, one of the BOYS kneels up on a desk and gets a stroke of the cane from the headmaster.

This is a clip from a Dutch version that has a MUCH better way of doing it!

What you DO get in the British version though is authentic 1980s school uniforms, knicker-flashing, and a move in which the boys hoist the girls upon their shoulders and spank them. While the girls flail their legs wildly and shout, the boys grunt like Maria Sharapova serving an ace, as they spank!

Not the most efficient way of spanking someone admittedly, but it does look pretty spectacular.

If you’d like to watch these performances in full you can see the British version here, and the Dutch version here.

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