Lord Melbourne

“Spanking sessions with aristocratic ladies were harmless, not so the whippings administered to orphan girls taken into his household as objects of charity.”

lm 1This is a quote from a recent biography of William Lamb (Lord Melbourne) who was British Prime Minister from 1834-1841 and a mentor of Queen Victoria.

A Google search also reveals this on a website devoted to his first wife Lady Caroline Lamb:

“William survived not one but two prosecutions for ‘Criminal Conversation’ (i.e. adultery) with women who found his reserved manner and taste for flagellation difficult to fathom.”

Now one of the most notorious spankers in Victorian England. (and there’s some pretty hot competition for that title) has been brought to the big screen by Paul Bettany in The Young Victoria.

And, according to a review in The Times, “he steals every scene” with his brooding sexual presence, while “the rising star Emily Blunt plays the cloistered young monarch with a schoolgirlish playfulness.”

lm 02

I haven’t seen the film yet, but this sounds like the perfect recipe for some spanking threats at the very least. Let’s hope script writer Julian Fellows (Gosford Park) was up to the task.

Even if he’s not, Emily Blunt is definitely an actress to watch and is surely due some comeuppance in a movie eventually. I loved this assessment of her talents in another review of the film:

The casting of Emily Blunt as Young Victoria was much anticipated. This is a star who in the past has impressed with her smouldering mischief, knowing smile and old-fashioned sexiness – particularly in her 2004 debut, My Summer of Love, and later in the 2006 high-fashion comedy The Devil Wears Prada. Emily Blunt is a black-belt minx: Keira Knightley isn’t in her league.

To further illustrate this post, I have some stills which Firmhand sent me showing another “black-belt minx”, Lady Amelia Rutherford, being royally dealt with by a very convincing “Lord Melbourne”.

dickens a001dickens a002dickens a003

dickens a004dickens a005

Could almost be an out-take from the film!

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8 thoughts on “Lord Melbourne”

  1. I found Gosford Park to be very aware of power dynamics at play in the “upstairs/downstairs” relationships highlighted in the film. I suspect this new script from the same author will not disappoint. As you say, he’s working with some rich historical material with a real motherlode of spanko possibilities.

    I wonder if the Queen’s “astrologer”, John Dee, will figure in this story, or perhaps that’s from a later part of her reign. Dee is credited with conjuring up “The British Empire” as “a magical creation”, for outwardly who would have thought Britain would be destined for such a long run of world-domination.

    Perhaps the seeds for that were already sown in the relationship explored in this film — something to look forward to for sure!

    1. Karl Friedrich Gauss, Johm Dee was dead long before the Victorian era as he was astrologer to Elizabeth I, and he had nothing to do with the “British Empire” as we know it and was before the joining of England to Scotland under the Scottish King James Stewart. He did however use the term, long before it had any “technical” relevence.

      Now Elizabeth I did actually get spanked on her bare bottom by Thomas Seymour, the husband of Catherine Parr after the death of Hery VIII.

  2. All that repressed sexuality in Victorian times seems to have found a natural outlet in caning and spanking. I have a great mainstream TV clip about a group of spanking roleplay enthusisasts who specialise in enacting Victorian scenarios.

    Gamekeeper spanks lady trespasser / Mistress spanks maid / Gentleman spanks errant wife/

    I’ll post it on here some time if I can find it. I don’t know what Queen Victoria would have made of it all, but they do say the success of the British Empire was based on public school hardships such as cold showers and caning!

  3. I certainly agree with Lord Melbourne. Naughty women should be corporally disciplined on their bare bottoms. Be it with the hand, paddle, hairbrush, strap, birchrod, cane, or whip. A good dose with any of these spanking implements for naughty female bare bottoms is enthusiasically endorsed by me.

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