Hands on hips, lips pursed, eyes narrowed – you must know what I’m talking about here. Think Maureen O’ Hara in The Quiet Man or Lindsey Lohan in…anything at all! Hell hath no fury quite like a young lady with an ATTITUDE PROBLEM!!

attitude 07

Insolent, defiant, cheeky, petulant, sulky…all qualities that are supposed to be the speciality of teenagers, but some never seem to grow out of a bad attitude.

Not without some help anyway!

attitude 01

And what could be MORE attractive to the spanker? Who wants meek and submissive, when you can have feisty and strong-willed with a touch of ice-queen arrogance?

For example, has anyone ever pouted more provocatively than this Kiss Me Kate actress? The expression “needs taking down a peg or two” was surely made for her.



Since this is Kiss Me Kate, of course she DOES get her just desserts. How sweet to see such a haughty creature taken in hand and taught a much needed lesson.

And doesn’t the little boy in the window think so too?!

attitude 13

Attitude adjustment – Shakespearean Style

This is Christy Carlson Romano in the movie version of kid’s TV show Evens Stevens. As you can see, she’s giving it the full works. Look into those eyes. Scary huh?


The object of her contempt is her brother.

He pleads: “Can you say something ‘cos that sick look is really starting to freak me out?”

She’s just found another brother rifling through her underwear drawer! This is a Disney film so the reasons are fairly innocent – they need to use her hosiery as mosquito netting for a robotic summer chair!

“These things gotta itch your butt!” says the annoying little kid holding up a pair of her tights.

But within a minute Christy’s butt isn’t just itching, it’s STINGING!!

The robotic chair comes with it’s own mechanical hand to repel intruders!

“OWWWW!” yells the Disney starlet as the robospanker swings into action across her perfectly rounded rear.

attitude 11

Attitude Adjustment – Disney Style

attitude 10

And just for good measure she ends up covered in gunge too. Job done. See the whole scene here .

The spanking model who does attitude best in my opinion is Amelia Jane Rutherford. She’s great at playing the spoiled princess who’s used to getting her own way and is just asking for a spanking…

attitude 06

…which thankfully she usually gets!

aj 01

Attitude Adjustment – Firmhand style

The nearest equivalent in the music world has to be our old friend Avril Lavigne.

attitude 042

And here’s the right implement for a good spanking on her….

mmx fac3001Avril 23

…bare bottom!

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2 thoughts on “Attitude”

  1. lol fab post….”like…forsooth…whatever!?” lol….it’s funny I was scrolling down, thinking: I hope he included some Amelia Jane pix, and ta-dah, there they were!

    Yes there is something magical about a wonderful pout. . .


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