Lady Penelope’s Bare Bottom

This is a follow up to my previous Statement about the Bafta Awards (see below). JS666 left a comment asking about the “unspeakably elegant Sophia Myles. Though she hasn’t done any rear nudity that I’ve seen, one can tell that through her clothing that she is splendidly endowed.”

Sophia Myles played Lady Penelope in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie. According to Wikipedia, “One of the few aspects of the film to receive positive acclaim (other than the special effects) was Sophia Myles’ performance as iconic superspy Lady Penelope, a portrayal in a style identical to that of her television counterpart.”

sm 003

After a bit of research, I managed to track down some stills from the 2006 movie Art School Confidential which reveal EXACTLY just how well endowed Sophia is!

Since the links I added to the previous post don’t seem to work, and this jaw-dropping scene has slipped under the radar of both JS and myself until now, I thought it was worth making sure YOU don’t miss out.

JS has also sent me a great shot of Sophia as Lady Penelope in her tight skirt with trusty chauffeur Parker (Ron Cook) in attendance.

sm 008

So here’s a scenario for any aspiring (or established) spanking film producers out there:

sm 004

After years of grovelling and subservient pandering to the spoiled Lady P’s every whim, Parker finally snaps. Taking her across the hood of her Rolls Royce, he raises that tight skirt, pulls down her pink designer lingerie, and paddles a similar shade into those full and firm butt cheeks!

sm 002sm 001

“O YES m’lady!”

Trivia Note:

In the film, FAB-1 Lady Penelope’s car, was a Ford rather than a Rolls-Royce. This was because the producers could not reach a suitable agreement with BMW, who own the Rolls-Royce marque; the car manufacturers insisting that only an actual production model could be used. Ford stepped in with a special version of their Thunderbird model, duplicating the six-wheel system on the Supermarionation Rolls.

In my spanko version it would HAVE to be a Rolls (six wheels or not).

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8 thoughts on “Lady Penelope’s Bare Bottom”

  1. I just love being bent over the bonnet of a car for a spanking! The thrill of maybe being seen added to the feel of the cold metal does it for me every single time

  2. Blunderbirds was a terrible movie and an insult to the much loved original. Hell, the puppets had more oomph than their live action counterparts. At least Lady Penelope’s posterior kept me interested during this car crash of a flick. That woman has a superior bot and to coin a phrase its ABSOLUTELY FAB.

  3. Sarah: I’d love to see some pics of you being spanked across
    a car Sarah. And so would all Spank Statement readers I’m sure! 🙂

    Ian: I have to admit I didn’t see the film, but Gerry Anderson would certainly agree with you – he said it was “the biggest load of crap I have ever seen in my entire life!”

    Good to hear that you found at least one thing to like about it though, and what a refreshing contrast to all the actresses around these days with skinny boyish bots.

    1. Really? I will get admin to have a look though or photos and get one (or maybe two, even three or four sent over to you) if we do not have any, rest assured that we soon will have x Tis a great blog you have here x Kisses Sarah x x

  4. Wow! We’re looking forward to seeing your car spanking pics now, Sarah!

    Thanks for your kind words about the site. I try to have a bit of fun with our kink and it’s great when others appreciate my efforts! 🙂

  5. I liked ‘Thunderbirds’ very much. I do not agree with Ian that it was ‘an insult to a much-loved original’. It annoys me when tired criticisms of movies ( ‘that car crash’ ) are trotted out ad nauseum by those who get kicks from by being rude.

    I agree that Sophia is stunning. David Tennant had a fling with her when she guested on ‘Dr.Who’. Luck Dave!

  6. Gerry Anderson has never seen the ‘Thunderbirds’ film ( he never went to the premiere ) so how can he knock it? He can talk about ‘crap’. Has he forgotten ‘Space Precinct’?

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