Introducing Murray Roberts

The Spank Statement is today proud to welcome a renowned and distinguished new contributor.

janus 001Murray Roberts wrote the Collectors Corner series for Janus magazine for over 10 years, and can justifiably claim to have been THE pioneer in researching spanking in mainstream media.

I used to devour his articles avidly and learned so much from his meticulously researched pieces about spanking scenes in old films, books, and plays – all at a time when such information couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Even if you were never a Janus reader, you still probably owe a huge debt to Murray Roberts without even realising it.

He produced ground-breaking film compilations and books with an American colleague, under the name Eugene Bernard, which were widely distributed in their (pre internet) day.

Although less active than formerly, in more recent times he has contributed to a number of Yahoo Groups. Many vintage pictures from stage plays, which have since found their way on to countless blogs and spanking sites, were originally discovered and uploaded by Murray.

His latest project is a piece on spankings in B Westerns which is due to appear shortly on new website Cowboys Unlimited.

But it is his spell at 40 Old Compton Street that most of you will know him for, and he speaks with fondness of the golden years when he worked for the No 1 spanking magazine of all time:

“My time there coincided with the editorship of Alan van Okker, and his successors were not simpatico. However, it was good while it lasted. I made several good friends and contacts, but, as now, most of the readership were ‘lurkers’.”

As befits a figure of such standing, he has a refreshingly old-school approach to our favourite subject:

“Let me nail my colours to the mast: I stand firmly by the two mantra from 50 years ago:

  1. There is only one place where a gentleman may strike a lady, and remain a gentleman.
  2. Women who misbehave should have their bottoms smacked, and no damn nonsense about consensus! “

In the coming months, an exciting new series will bring you some buried treasures from Murray Roberts’ personal collection of spanking scenes in novels, which he has kindly agreed to send me.

So don’t miss the first installment which comes from the pen of Roy Manning.

vv 002

I think it’s safe to say that one pretty and headstrong young lady won’t be able to escape from Vengeance Valley with her dignity intact or her bottom unreddened. And since this is a 1950s Western we can be equally sure that there’ll be no damn nonsense about consensus!

You are welcome to contact Murray at this address

He is especially interested to hear from anyone who has a novel extract that he hasn’t seen before.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Murray Roberts”

  1. yes i remember his items very interesting sorry that Janus does not appear much now why not kane does

    best wishes, tim .enjoyed the film clip .

  2. Tim, I edited your comment so that it’s (hopefully) more like you intended. I know what you mean about Janus. I heard that there had only been one issue in over a year. I don’t know why – but they do seem to be embracing the internet at last.

    Chross: Murray did make it clear that he only discovered my site after following a link from yours. 🙂

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