Spanking in Loaded

They’re really twins!

They’re really secretaries!

They really like to spank each other!

lt 005

These pictures of twins Molly and Jess are from Loaded magazine. The theme for the shoot is inspired by their day jobs as secretaries for the TV company that makes the soap opera Hollyoaks.

lt 002lt 004

On the right picture you can see a quote from Molly:

“I’d go for Mercedes. She looks dirty.”

The question was “Which character from the show would you most like to get off with?”

Get off with…and spank with a ruler perhaps? Mercedes is played by the highly spankable Jennifer Metcalfe.

sl 001

Mercedes Benz Over

The same issue has a revealing interview with cover star Vikki Blows, who it turns out is very much one of us too.

lt 006

One of the requirements of being male is that you must fantasise about having a threesome with two women. Is it the same for girls?

What I really like to think about with girls is the shape their bottoms make when they are bending over.


Yes. Don’t you think there is something so sexy about a naked girl’s bum when she is touching her toes?

S’pose so. Is this what you think about when you have, er, your ‘private’ time?

That would be telling wouldn’t it?

So what does get you going?

I like to wear a uniform or pretend we’d never met before and then have sex. It is a way to act a bit wanton, a bit of a slut.

Do you wish you were more wanton in real life?

No, but I am very submissive. You just have to tell me what you want to do and I’ll do it. I love to be told I’m being naughty and then get a good hard spanking.

Oh really?

Yes. I’ve always been into S&M in my fantasy life and in real life. There’s something inside of me that believes I need to be taken in hand and punished.


I’m talking lightly, not being whipped with barbed wire or anything, but there are some things that turn me on that I’m not sure I should tell you.

Do you think that acting out fantasies ruins them?

It can do but fantasy can be better than reality. Or when you are alone you can remember real experiences and fantazise about them.

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