Jen’s Butt Grabs Attention

The romantic comedy Management is the latest and greatest tribute to one of the leading cultural icons of our times – Jennifer Aniston’s derriere!

ja 001the-break-up-002

The former Friends star’s (slightly blurred) butt cheeks once graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine no less. They also provided The Break-Up’s most memorable moment.

In Along Came Polly, her bottom actually got a spanking! Ben Stiller’s friend told him that all women love to be spanked. Her red panties were certainly giving off “spank me now” signals – so he gave it one decent whack!

ja 004

Now we have newly released indie flick Management. The poster leaves movie-goers in no doubt that the Aniston rear will once again be the centre of attention. It looks in fine condition in those slacks which are actually nice and tight around the all-important area! (Click to enlarge) What a great way to sell a movie! The actor doing the honours this time is Steve Zahn who plays Mike an under-achieving assistant motel manager.

mp 001

Jennifer plays a corporate saleswoman who spends a few nights at the Arizona establishment where Mike works for his parents. He tries to flirt with her by bringing a bottle of wine to her room “compliments of the management”, but he has a clumsy way of chatting her up:

“You have a great butt,” he says. “I noticed the moment you checked in.”

Mike can hardly believe his luck when she invites him to touch it!

The subsequent encounter, with Jennifer bending over a dressing table, is funny, erotic, and slightly unsettling all at the same time in a way that recalls Secretary.


Reading this scene in the script persuaded Aniston to do the film.

“It is one of the most memorable scenes in the movie,” she said. “One of the main reasons that I took the job. I have never laughed so hard.”

It’s hardly surprising that the “rump grab” was also the main talking point at last month’s special New York screening. When Stephen Belber groped Jennifer from behind she yelled:

“He just touched my butt!”

Before hastily adding: “He’s allowed, He wrote it.”


Steve Zahn about what it was like shooting the scene and revealed that they had to do it many times to get it just right!

So have you and Jennifer Aniston been looking for the right project to work on together since you guest starred on “Friends” back in 1995? And then Management came along?

SZ: [laughs]: That’s exactly it! So we met on Friends, which was like the most terrifying experience of my life, really my first television experience. And it was like walking into this close family – this really kind and inviting family – and I’m this outsider. The show had only been on the air about a year, but it was already this huge thing. I was scared to death. But then Jen and I worked together again on Object of My Affection, and we became friendly then.

Or at least comfortable enough where you could shoot that butt-touching scene over and over again and have it not be too weird.

SZ: Right. That scene is funny because we shot it so many times to get it just right. We wanted it to be funny, a little awkward, but not too creepy. And Stephen Belber was going for a very specific tone. We shot that scene fairly early in the movie, so that helped add to the awkwardness somewhat.

Is it meant to be sexy in any way, because I thought it was.

SZ: Oh yeah. It’s meant to be sexy above all else. Stephen wanted to make it clear that Sue is getting turned on a bit from it; Mike is getting turned on–not that he’s going to do anything beyond touch her butt.

I also got the impression that shooting that sequence was more difficult than shooting the actual love scene later in the movie.

SZ: That might be true. The sex scene ends at a certain point before things get too hot and heavy, but that butt-touching scene is shown in agonizing detail.


I couldn’t find the FULL butt-touching scene online (only the link above). There are plenty of sites that claim to have it, but when you try to play the video you get a “This video has been removed” message. The film received a limited theatrical release on May 15. Probably best to wait for the DVD which it’s just been announced will be released on September 29. (No information available on special features yet but they could be interesting.)

Meanwhile, Jen is set to begin work on her next film, Bounty Hunter. Gerard Butler plays a bounty hunter whose latest assignment is to hunt down his ex-wife (played by Jen), who has skipped bail.

Sounds like her famous butt could be on the line again if he catches up with her!

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