Swimmer’s Jaked Ass

Italian men, who like nothing more than a nice bit of bottom cheek to pinch, would probably approve of the costume modeled by their swimmer Flavia Zoccari at the Mediterranean Games last week.

fz 0012

Unfortunately, she wasn’t intending to set a new trend, so when her skin tight suit burst open in a VERY unfortunate place, she desperately tried to cover up the cheeky rear view.

fz 0017

After withdrawing from the 200m race because there wasn’t time for a change, Flavia burst into tears of embarrassment and frustration. The male officials seated behind her simply didn’t know where to look, or perhaps they did!

fz 0018

She was wearing the controversial Jaked J01 swimsuit, which was banned earlier this year because it gave swimmers an unfair advantage. The ban was lifted after an appeal by Jaked who sponsor the Italian national team.

fz 004

She probably now wishes they had stayed banned!

But the wardrobe malfunction could ultimately be a GOOD thing for Flavia and the sport in general. Tennis and volleyball player’s bottoms grab plenty of media attention, and it’s about time swimmers made a bit more of their natural ass-etts. After all they have wonderful ly taut, firm and muscular butts that deserve their share of the spotlight.

Here’s another fine example of what I’m talking about.

fz 0101

Trim, taut and terrific.

Hopefully, some lucrative advertising contracts or modelling assignments will be coming Flavia’s way. And regardless of nationality, we’ll ALL now be cheering her on at the next Olympics in 2012.

fz 001

Go Flavia!

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5 thoughts on “Swimmer’s Jaked Ass”

  1. She needs a good paddling to go with that suit! Black and red are colors that go well together.
    Toatlly agree with what you said about swimmers. Those ultra-tight suits certainly show off a curvy,sexy bottom nicely.
    Take a back seat to no one in my admiration for women in bikinis, but those one-pieces worn by swimmers are a delight.
    And imagine how a paddle would sting on one when it was wet!

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