An interesting question to ponder over: Are wedgies corporal punishment?

Wedgies must be at least one of the NEAREST things to corporal punishment that many women these days have ever experienced!

Because unlike more traditional forms of c.p., wedgies are highly fashionable.The trend for thongs and waistband-exposing underwear has led to a veritable wedgie explosion in recent years!

wedgie 001

Perhaps wedgie-givers will come to regard the early part of this century as a Wedgie Golden Age – much like many spankers look back on the 1940s and 50s!

They’re not frowned upon as politically incorrect or abusive. They haven’t been banned by the Europaean Court of Human Rights (though the killjoys are probably drafting some anti-wedgie legislation even as I speak). Eye-watering undie-scrunching is mostly seen as just a harmless bit of horseplay, a prank, the more acceptable side of hazing. The victim may find the experience unpleasant and embarrassing but they’re not going to come to any lasting physical or psychological damage.

Pretty much the sort of public profile that spanking deserves to have too really!

I don’t recall seeing wedgies featured on any other spanking blogs, unless you count the panties being bunched up, rather than pulled down, prior to a spanking.

So maybe I’m in a minority of one here, but, as a punishment, wedgies do have quite a few things in their favour in addition to the obvious one of pantie exposure:

wedgie 002

Bending over

wedgie 006

Bared Butts

wedgie 005wedgie 004

Shocked expressions (and more bending over)


Wince inducing pain

wedgie 007

Shame and humiliation

In fact the line between a wedgie picture and a spanking one can be quite indistinct. Is this the preparation for a birthday spanking, or just a birthday wedgie perhaps!?

wedgie 0012

OTK wedgie

According to the internet’s leading authority , there are dozens of different types of wedgie. One technique even includes spanking:

  • Rodeo Wedgie The victim must first be on all fours. They are then given a wedgie and then someone put their legs through the legholes and sits on their back. The rider should then spank the victims ass until they buck like a horse!

Other favourites include:

  • Atomic Wedgie the waistband of the victim’s underwear is hoisted up and over their head.
  • Qwerty Wedgie The victim is made to type with their arms through their leg holes! (they didn’t think of that one when they were making Secretary!)
  • Yes-man Wedgie A Wedgie that is then used to make the victim do or say something, like “I love wedgies” or “I will be a wedgie slave for the rest of the day” (could be adapted to spanking too of course)
  • Nature Wedgie Remove the pants and shirt of the person being wedgied. Then put rocks, pine cones, pine needles, grass, and bugs in their underwear and hang on a branch until their underwear rips. (What about stinging nettles?)
  • Superman Wedgie The person is given a wedgie while lying down and then lifted off the floor and “flown” around the room with their arms out in the style of superman. (see picture below)
  • Conga Wedgie This needs a group of people who are all standing in a line or a circle like a conga. Each person takes hold of the person in fronts underwear and on the shout of 3,2,1,Wedgie! everyone gets a wedgie at once. (This was common for a while in French nightclubs when they had a song about thongs and wedgies in the French charts)
  • Suicide Wedgie The victim must first be somewhere high (but not too high!) like up a small tree, they then tie their underwear to something secure and JUMP!


Extreme wedgie action: The Superman Wedgie

Incredible as it may seem…celebrities get wedgies too!

wedgie 009

Unpicking Fergie

The paparazzi love to catch female stars unpicking their “natural” wedgies but I couldn’t find any pictures of a celebrity being deliberately given a wedgie. I did find a celebrity wedgie quote though…by Spank Statement favourite Avril Lavigne :

“I gave Steve from Sum 41 a wedgie, but he also claims he gave me the biggest wedgie he’s ever given anyone – which is incorrect information and I’m gonna get him back large.”

I also once saw the model Caprice submit to a humiliating Hanging Wedgie (where the victim is hung completely off the ground by just their underwear) on TV.

Talking of hanging wedgies, here’s a bizarre example of a hanging wedgie as imagined by a cartoonist:

zettwoch rftQuiz wedgie

The artist hasn’t forgotten that essential component of any successful wedgie. A group of onlookers pointing and laughing!

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4 thoughts on “Wedgies”

  1. lolllllll……this is certainly the definitive blog-post on all things “wedgie”-related. Many of these are definitely dangerous, such as the “Atomic Wedgie”! 😉



  2. A wedgie could easily be followed by a spanking. Might even add to the discomfort ,having the panties pulled up in wedgie while being spanked.
    And if she was wearing a garment like a one-piece bathing suit or a leotard, a wedgie would be a very convenient way for baring her bottom.

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