Ditsy Daisy

Following on from the Agent Provocateur video (see the post below), I have some screen grabs from model Daisy Lowe’s new MTV reality show 24 Hours.

dl 005

The fly on the wall documentary tracks her every move as she gets political at the G20 protest, lends a charitable hand in Barnardos, and struggles to use a can opener. Quite a way to dispel the ditsy model stereotype there, Daisy!

It’s full of product placements and in one scene, she appeared on a rooftop in AP bondage gear complete with a riding crop. The crop should have been put to some use when she lifted her dress up to reveal a pair of assless panties. (more like a bra for the butt really).

dl 002

dl 001

Here’s a few more highlights from her career to date. The guy in the foreground of the left hand picture is enjoying the view. The black and white shot is from an arty shoot for Paradis magazine and finally on the right, another day…another pair of assless panties! What a trooper!

dl 003dl 006dl 007

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One thought on “Ditsy Daisy”

  1. What a sight it would be to see her getting paddled in those assless panties!
    What you wouldnt see though is a picture of her sitting down afterwards LOL!

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