On the Table

I like the use of the table in this Kiss Me Kate Youtube clip of Act One Scene Five.

The actual spanking is around 7.30, but the “over the table” foreplay begins quite a bit earlier than that. The attractive Kate is played by Stephanie Mieko.

Productions of Kiss Me Kate often have a wooden table and bench seat as part of the scenery that comes in useful for the spanking scene.


Petruchio can sit on the seat of course, but sometimes he sits on the table with one foot on the seat and Kate across his knee.



In the above pictures Kate is in a great position for spanking with both feet well off the floor, and the table helping to support her upperbody if needed. The raised position allows the audience to get a clear view of the proceedings.


Kate can also be put across the table itself or even laid on top of it as in this picture and the Stephanie Mieko scene.

kmk 009

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One thought on “On the Table”

  1. Yes, I have always loved “KIss Me Kate”, and it’s spanking scene is a delight, no matter which production I’ve seen, and I have seen quiet a few.

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