Lost Spankings – An Advert for Adult Education

This lost TV spanking was seen by Martyn comparatively recently so it can’t be all that “lost” Somebody else must have seen it, so please let us know if this jogs any memories.

Like the previous one (see two posts down), it’s a “near miss” rather than an actual bottom warming. Still, I think it sounds great and I’d love to see it myself, not least because it stars Sandra Dickinson, an actress who always played the same character – a dumb blonde straight out of the Marilyn Monroe School of Spankable Stereotypes!

In effect, its a comedy sketch, although it was made with the serious aim of promoting adult learning courses. I’ve added some extra info about Sandra Dickinson at the end, the rest is written by Martyn.

Sandra Dickinson and Leslie Grantham star in an advertisement for adult education. This probably aired about 8 or 9 years ago.


Very dumb

It begins with them both in bed, Leslie reading a book and Sandra nodding off, which brings us into her dream sequence (or rather her nightmare) Shot I think, in moody black and white, the stressed out Sandra finds herself back at school. She is late for a lesson and has to run down a dark spooky Victorian school corridor.

Once inside the classroom things take a turn for the worse. The teacher (brilliantly played by a very scary Jean Marsh) demands to know why Sandra is late, all the time tapping her ruler menacingly. Can’t remember all the dialogue but it ended with Jean Marsh promising Sandra that next time she transgresses she will be getting the ruler across her bottom!

jm 001

Very scary

Sandra awakens from her nightmare mumbling “the ruler across my botty!” to which Leslie Grantham says something like “not tonight love, I’m reading my book”.

Although there isn’t a spanking, the whole atmosphere of this 90 second commercial fairly crackles with spanking tension and it was not hard to imagine a rather better ending to the dream, with Sandra touching her toes in front of the class!

Sandra Dickinson was spanked in The Tomorrow People, a children’s science fiction television series, which first ran between 1973 and 1979.

You can watch that scene here.

The Tomorrow People was remade in the 1990s but, according to Wikipedia, “was almost completely different from its predecessor. The original cast, characters, and music were not used.” Neither presumably was otk spanking! Curiously though, Jean Marsh made a guest appearance in one episode as a (probably very scary) villainess.

Martyn’s other Lost Spankings are actual SPANKINGS – not near misses – so watch out for the full descriptions coming soon.

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