Art For Arse’s Sake

dr 001This is first and foremost a (rather late) reply to a query raised about a previous post on Desperate Romantics. I’ve padded it out with some more artistic screen grabs from the BBC TV drama about a group of Victorian painters called the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

In the first post, I mentioned there was a single smack but it turns out the episode details I gave were incorrect, and there was another one that I’d overlooked completely. (that’s the trouble with one-smackers, blink and you miss ’em!)

The DVD has just been released (and the whole thing’s on Youtube) so to set the record straight, there are TWO one smackers and both of them happen in Episode FOUR. It’s Jennie Jacques (below) who’s on the receiving end each time. She plays a street prostitute turned artist’s model called Annie Miller. The full details are as follows:

jj 001

Two Swats

(Episode 4, 8 mins 33 secs) Annie gets a slap on her naked rear when she is posing for a picture and the artist Rossetti walks behind her. (You can’t actually see it land but you hear it and see her facial reaction.)

(Episode 4, 27 mins 20 secs) Annie is being escorted home at night by Rossetti. She says goodnight and turns to enter her house. Rossetti lands a full-armed swat on the seat of her dress. She turns her head and laughs. (This happens at quite a long distance away from the camera.)

The show is chiefly notable though for three lovely actresses who play REDHEADED artist’s models. Each one in turn offers up their pale and delicate shade-loving rears to the camera in a series of memorable nude scenes.


Jennie Jacques

This is a better quality version of the picture of Jennie Jacques which I posted before (click to enlarge). She drops her skirt as she is standing with her back to the camera, and her bare bottom dominates the screen for several seconds. Surely a potential Bottie Bafta winning performance if ever there was one! It also comes from Episode 4 which is quite a homage to the bottom of Ms Jacques!



Amy Manson plays hat shop assistant Lizzie Sidall who famously modelled for Millais’ picture of a drowning Ophelia by lying in a bath of water. I now know from the DVD extras that Amy is a genuine Scottish redhead (which might explain Lizzie’s peculiar “voice of doom” English accent!). She kept her behind well under wraps until Episode 6 when it finally came out blinking into the light.

aam 001

Amy Manson

If you’re thinking by now that these pallid porcelain bottoms could do with a bit of colour in them, then a wonderful scene starring Rebecca Davies as curvy Fanny Cornforth provided that too.

rd 003

Rebecca Davies

No, those aren’t bruises or welts…they’re hand prints…in paint!

Interesting that they’ve only used colours from the red and purple end of the spectrum! We aren’t shown exactly how the marks were made, but it’s Rossetti again who she’s in bed with and we know that he’s fond of a bit of bottom smacking! Again, there’s a lingering close up as she walks with her daubed derriere swinging daintily from side to side. A true work of art!

rd 001

Then she lies on her front looking for all the world as if she’s recovering from a severe caning! Or perhaps I should say a 19th Century style horse-whipping, as there was a scene when the President of the Royal Academy and the arch-enemy of the Pre-Raphaelites demanded that supporters of the Brotherhood “should have their buttocks horse-whipped to a rosy glow!”

If only he’d got to take out his artistic and sexual frustrations on Annie, Fanny and Lizzie!

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