Felicitas Woll is Gorgeous!

fw 002This year sees the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall so let’s mark the occasion with a new find from a 2008 German TV mini series about the last days of the East German regime.

It’s an illustration of the sort of police brutality that was being used at the time against political protestors. Only one swat is shown, but it comes with a warning that it’s more intense and sadistic than the stuff I normally post on this site.

Click here to watch the trailer from Wir Sind das Volk

Severity freaks and those with a taste for prison scenarios might find it of interest, as will fans of the lovely actress Felicitas Woll.

At the moment, that means mostly Germans because, according to JS who sent me the link, she’s a huge star in her native Germany, but works almost entirely on TV and in German-oriented films.

Her fanbase will now include members of the spanking community so it would be great if she could keep us happy by doing an OTK scene at some stage of her career.


Personally, I think she’d be perfectly cast in a remake of the 1972 German “classic” Zwanzig Madchen und die Pauker. You might recall that Mascha Gonska played a school secretary with serious attitude problems who gets an unforgettable lesson in Shakespeare!

fw 001

Have you seen The Taming of the Shrew, Felicitas?

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One thought on “Felicitas Woll is Gorgeous!”

  1. Hi guys, this is a bit rude of me to do to send a blanket email out to everyone (I can deal with the hate as everyone will benefit from it ;-)), but it is easier for me to do by going down the new update list. Check the new page out http://spankinguniverse.blogspot.com and if you like it feel free to add it to your blog list. My latest post on my main site details what my goal is, if you like what I have done and link into it, then everyone should get major dollops of hits from it as we will all be sharing the same traffic.

    Your blog has already been added to the update list.

    Whenever you post your link goes straight to the top of the list and the readers will click on that one first. You should have already been getting the traffic today from the link from my own site. So far I have added 79 spanking blogs to the list.

    Richard Windsor.


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