Lost Spankings – People Like Us

This is the third in a series of four posts by Martyn describing spankings he remembers seeing on television, but has never found on the internet. So far, we’ve had an excellent comment providing more background information about the first of his missing scenes. If you can add anything at all about this one or simply say “Yes, I saw that too” please don’t be shy.

I’ve had an email from another reader describing his own lost spankings, so this is now officially a series that is open to anyone. If YOU have a lost spanking however dimly remembered or obscure send me as much info as you can, and we’ll see if the power of the internet can be put to some truly positive use!

We’ve already had some clown spanking this month, and People Like Us takes us back to the Big Top…

…but this time it’s the circus strongwoman who takes on the bottom warming duties!

And that’s gotta hurt!


People Like Us was a mini series shown in 1977 based on a series of books by R L Delderfield called The Avenue set in the 1940s and 1950s. It followed the lives of the families of one street in South London.

One family, the Frith’s, had a very domineering mother and a weak father. They had two children called Elaine and Edgar.

Elaine became very rebellious, continually at loggerheads with her mother, until the mother decided that enough was enough and Elaine was summoned to the parlour room (front room which was never used).

Her mother announced that she was going to cane her and reached behind the wall mirror and produced a school cane which in itself was a nice little touch. I watched with bated breath, as her mother took the girl to task whilst menacingly holding the cane, hoping for her to say “bend over and touch your toes”, but sadly she was ordered to hold out her hand.

Fast forward about 7 years, and Elaine has run off and joined a circus as people used to do in times gone by. The part is now played by a very attractive actress called Carol Frazer . Her role in the circus was the glamorous magician’s assistant, but she embarks on an affair with the circus owner/ ring master – who is married to the circus strong woman!

They plan an assignation at a local hotel and all is going well but then the ring master’s wife arrives and bursts into their room and confronts Elaine who is dressed in silk pyjamas. She says something like, “Your mother should have spanked you more when you were growing up” and Elaine defiantly spits back, “Actually she used to cane me!”

The strong woman is unimpressed and hauls Elaine out of bed and bends her over (unfortunately she has managed to retain a sheet around her) she delivers a jolly good sound spanking and Elaine’s career in the circus is over.

In Delderfield’s book the strong woman takes Elaine from the bed pulls down her silk pyjama bottoms and spanks her bare bottom, but I guess this might have been a tad too much for the BBC! Shame that they decided to have her wrapped in a sheet though. I believe that quite a few of Delderfield’s novels had spanking scenes in them.

I’ll try and post the spanking scene from The Avenue by R.L.Delderfield, but I need to track it down first. Is there anyone who can send it to me, or point me in the direction of a website that has it? I had no idea it had been made into a TV series so thanks to Martyn for this fascinating description of what sounds like some real buried spanko treasure.

But will it ever be unearthed?

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