Kate O’Mara

This is a clip from 1970s UK comedy series The Two Ronnies.

The actress paddled in the hay is Kate O’Mara, and if you watch it right to the end you will see that she gets her revenge.

There was also a brief OTK spanking scene in The Two Ronnies, which Chross has posted and listed in his movie database.

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21 thoughts on “Kate O’Mara”

  1. hi valdor

    there was another sort of spanking on the two rons, it happened during the morris dancer sketch. One guy couldn’t make it and so his sister took his place. The actress playing the part was April Walker and she looked very sexy in her tight white shorts! She was a regular on the ronnies show, usually appearing in the little sketches and also appeared in one episode of fawlty towers.

    The worm that turned was a rather exciting little serial with a platoon of women soldiers dressed in black leather hotpants. They were in pursuit of the two ronnies led by Jenny Logan who was famous for being in one of the most successful british advert, namely the ‘shake and vac’ ad.

    I’m sure many years ago i read the name of the woman being spanked in the film that they were watching, but i’ve searched all my old papers etc and can’t find it. I suppose it is possible that it was april walker as she did a lot of bit parts for the series – she certainly had the bottom for it!

    Another mini series that featured in the ronnies was ‘The phantom raspberry blower of old london town’ i have seen this described as a spoof of jack the ripper. but at about that time there was a feature in Janus magazine claiming to be historically factual about a guy in victorian times who would leap out of alleys on lone young females lift their dresses and administer a swift spanking, before disappearing into the london fog. The press at the time got hold of the story and several other women came forward to tell how the same thing had happened to them. naturally they nick-named him ‘jack the whipper’ but as he continued his attacks and never got caught, always mysteriously disappearing into the night, they changed his monicker to the ‘phantom spanker of old london town’ – i wonder if the script writers of the two ronnies were janus readers!

    i think they were!


      1. michael i’ve lost your email address – can you drop me an email (if you still have mine) and i’ll get back to you’

        yes i saw a book by ‘gerald wiley’ – lots of comic post cards and such things but one was a historical illustration of a naked woman being ‘horsed’ over the back of (i think) a monk while another monk was slippering (or more accurately sandaling) her rear end

        the caption was —- bottom marks in history!



  2. If you do manage to identify the uncredited spankee in “The Worm That Turned”, Martyn please let me know. It would be great to solve that mystery after all these years.

    Yes “Gerald Wiley” was a big collector of postcards – especially of the naughty seaside variety.
    And if your joint suspicions are correct, possibly a collector of more “specialist” erotica too!! – (I remember the “Phantom Spanker” letters in Janus).

    The Picnic – a silent TV film – in which he played Lord Rustless, of Rustless Manor- with Patricia Brake as his naughty maid would have been perfect for some spanking. I think she did get a slap, when attending to his Lordship at bedtime. There was certainly lots of bending over involved and frilly panties on display.

  3. Kate O’Mara has quite a track record …

    In 1967, ten years before this episode of The Two Ronnies, she played a spoilt brat lady racing driver in an episode of The Saint, entitled The Fast Women. In one scene she asks the Saint to do something corrupt, but he refuses and later in the conversation he orchestrates it so that she has to bend over to pick something up. Down she goes, and SMACK! goes his palm across the seat of her white lace dress, bringing a smile to many viewers’ faces…

    Fast forward to 1990, thirteen years after Ronnie Barker gave her that unsittable bottom in your clip, and we find her playing the female lead in a tour of Kiss Me Kate, which scarcely needs further comment. I didn’t see this (wrong side of the ocean at the time) but a friend who did told me that it was one of those KMK scenes where the curtain comes down rather quicker than some members of the audience might prefer. But there was a posed photo of the spanking in the theater program…

    So Kate has had a fairly good run of punitive bottom contact, including one ‘proper’ OTK spanking scene… and that’s only in her professional life. In the 1970s she gave an interview to the newspaper columnist Jean Rook in which she described how ‘difficult’ she was as a lover, and how some of her masterful but exasperated boyfriends had tried to tame her by spanking her. (She did actually use the word ‘spank’.) This was real life, so their efforts were unsuccessful and they quickly became her ex-boyfriends…

    There’s one other item which only concerns Kate indirectly, but may still be of interest. One of her many wellknown roles is as the Doctor Who villainess, the Rani, in a couple of 1980s stories. The second of these was also Sylvester McCoy’s debut playing the Time Lord, and at the time he gave an interview describing how he became an actor. He described how he made the decision in 1963 after seeing a John Wayne movie… Yes, THAT John Wayne movie… And the scene that made up his mind was the spanking scene, because (he thought) if he was an actor, he’d get the chance to be in scenes like that! But he had one slip of the memory when he described the scene, concerning the name of the leading lady. Apparently it wasn’t Maureen O’Hara but Kate O’Mara who was being spanked! And if that’s not a Freudian slip, I don’t know what is…

  4. i remember seeing ronnie barker when he was playing Lord Rustless in ‘hark at Barker’ in this series he had a sexy maid called Effie, played by Moria foot. she would quite often bend over in her very short dress when serving his lordship. In one scene she enters his bedroom in the morning with his breakfast, while lord rustless is still sleeping. for some reason while at the head of his bed, she turns around and bends over offering a generous view of her knickers. at this point rustless wakes up to be confronted by her bottom just a couple of feet away from him and exclaims ‘the sun’s very bright this morning!’. It was only when i went to school the next day and my friend who had watched the show on a colour TV, told me that her knickers were bright yellow, that i got the joke.

    regarding the ‘phantom raspberry blower of old london town’ i’ve just discovered that this was originally a one off 30 minute comedy show within a series called ‘6 dates with barker’ and was written by spike milligan! Five years later, the story was remade by ‘The Two Ronnies’ and included in their show as a weekly mini series.

    Interesting stuff about Kate o’mara. sounds like she was sort of advertising the fact that she liked to be spanked by her lovers! Even more interesting about Sylvester McCoy! wonder if he ever got a part where he had to dispense a spanking? If i was ever fortunate to be in that position, i think it might be ‘take 146’ before i didn’t ‘accidently’ mess up the dialog.

  5. You’ve basically written a first rate blog post there Harry. So, assuming you have no objections, I’ll dress it up with a few pictures and post it as “Kate O’Mara – The Full Spankograhy” later in the week. That way lots more people will get to read it. There can’t be too many actresses who’ve been spanked in THREE different decades – and if Sylvester McCoy had his way it would have been FOUR by the sound of it!

    And you never know someone might chip in with some more info, or even that KMK pic.

  6. if u watch the 2 ronnies episode(not sure which it is tho,just know worm that turned),i seem to remember that r.corbet mentions the name of the film in conversation.Am going to download and watch sometime as i’ve been wondering for ages what film was showing in the cinema with john wayne.Might be the virginian,but not sure.will post back if i find out chaps

  7. Hi All

    two points of interest

    1) the movie in the worm that turned is entirely fictional and an assistant from the behind the camera team volunteered to take the spanking from ‘John Wayne’ who was played by an extra.

    2) Whipping Tom was the name of a man who jumped out at women and spanked and otherwise assaulted them – mentioned here:


    hope that helps and is of interest


  8. The Worm that Turned was the serial in Series 8 of The Two Ronnies, which is now available on DVD in Britain. The spanking is in the second episode, first shown on November 8, 1980.

    It’s very unlikely that the girl was a member of the behind the scenes crew. The scene would have been planned and cast weeks in advance, and the girl would have needed to have a suitable costume provided in the right size. In BBC terminology, she would have been a ‘walkon’ (which is a cut above an extra): it means an actor playing a character who has no scripted dialog to say but is identifiable as an individual because of what he/she does – or, in this case, has done to her. Very occasionally members of the crew might stand in to be arms or legs or even faces in photographs, but when it came to playing a recognizable part, with a closeup of her face on screen, union restrictions were as tight as the spanked girl’s jeans!

  9. As unlikely as it sounds – it is what happened. Your faith in the long long-term planning is touching – but do they make shit up on the fly believe me. Media bod myself.

    It is referenced elsewhere – in any event I do assure you that the film is not real unfortunately – so you won’t find it.

    DJ 😉

  10. Well, the internet is full of fantasy and chinese whispers and hearsay, so I stick to my belief that the BBC more probably followed its usual production practices of the time and preplanned the shoot. If you have evidence to the contrary, rather than mere assertion, please do bring it on! (As a ‘media bod’, you will know what a PasB is.) Fortunately we probably don’t need to agree to differ about the spanking itself!

  11. I cannot prove it and don’t care that much – but I didn’t pluck it out of the air.I was trying to be helpful and point out that there wasn’t a real movie (the ID of the girl was incidental) – I think it was sourced from a retrospective of the two Ronnies. But it may not be true – I agree – but I hear dit was and it certainly could be plausible.

    PasB (Programme as Broadcast) usually for documentaries and radio (but a record of what’s made) not necessarily what’s planned.


  12. No offence meant and your central point about the movie being mocked up is valid and important. But I do also care about getting the ‘making of’ story right, and these things do sometimes get embroidered or misremembered by people telling them in retrospect. You could argue that giving the makeup girl a spanking ‘makes a better story’.

    In 1980 PasB documents were also produced for television drama (I don’t know about now), and they would include (along with things like stock music tracks etc.) the names of every artist who appeared on film, from the Ronnies to the walkons, so that’s where we would find the girl’s name (along with that of ‘John Wayne’). It would then be a fairly simple matter to crosscheck her for identification purposes.

  13. Maybe you could find out from Ronnie Barker’s memoirs. He was a collector of erotica and a spanko so it is the kind of anecdote he might have included.

    I think that is where I heard the that there was an assistant that stood in for it in the first place – but I am not certain. But you say make-up girl – it may have been – have you heard the story elsewhere too?


  14. It’s not in Barker’s memoirs (unless he wrote more than one volume). And I didn’t mean for ‘makeup girl’ to be taken literally as part of any version of the story that existed prior to the point I was trying to make… (In other words, I meant ‘the makeup girl, say, or whoever’.) Sorry to have unintentionally misled you!

  15. Not at all – I just wondered if you had heard the same story elsewhere.

    I have no idea about Barker – maybe it was in anecdotes on a tribute show when he died. Maybe there is another book – I saw one of his about naughty postcards and it had a section on spanking of sorts. There was a bit about the shows in there – but I don’t recall the worm turned being mentioned.

    This was 20 years ago I saw it at a friends house.

    Good luck with you research let us know if I do turn out to be wrong.

    If I come across my source again I’ll give you the heads up.


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