I know from your kind comments and emails that lots of you have been enjoying the recent contributions by Martyn (eg.”Martyn is great!”/ “Martyn’s a gem!”). There’s one final part of his Lost Spankings series still to come, but before that here’s something a little different from him – complete with some ultra rare screen grabs.

When I was about 12 years old, my father went out to collect my mother from work one night. I was left alone in the house watching an episode of a TV series called Manhunt, about a group of resistance fighters in Nazi occupied France. A rather beautiful actress called Cyd Hayman played Nina, a brave radio operator who holds some important information.

In the episode, Nina is captured by the Abwehr. Her interrogator Sgt Gratz (Robert Hardy) decides that she might be hiding secret codes in her clothes so gets her to disrobe one item at a time. It was like a slow striptease – all the time it is filmed with Cyd Hayman standing with her back to the camera.

Eventually she is in just her cami-knickers. I’m expecting the scene to cut any second but no, Gratz clicks his fingers and points to the panties and she just lets them drop to her ankles revealing a fantastic pair of rounded buttocks!


Cyd Hayman and Robert Hardy in Manhunt (1970)

Gratz then stoops down and picks up the knickers. I remember seeing a wooden table and wondered if that would come into play at some point. It seemed to be there to make you think that she would soon be bending over it! Well I certainly hoped that anyway!

He subjects her to various psychological and physical humiliations culminating in a quasi-rape. Nevertheless by the end of the episode the two have become lovers and the plotting for the remainder of the serial revolves around his obsessive love for her. (Gratz later boasts that he had managed to get most of the information he required from Nina as “pillow talk”)

You can download the scene (36MB) here

Manhunt was a very good series from around about 1970. Sadly, it seems to have been nearly airbrushed from history. I imagine the subject matter and its depiction were just too strong for overseas sales or domestic repeats. Back then of course there was no internet, so seeing something like this was a monumental event to a 12 year old! At school on Monday morning it was being talked about in very excited tones!

I think Cyd Hayman’s bum was the first that I had seen bared on the TV screen. It was very very erotic, especially the long build up, which I was sure would disappoint and cut before the lowering of the panties – but didn’t!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Manhunt”

  1. Hi valdor

    WOW!!!!! that takes me back. surely it can’t be nearly 40 years ago. I have no recollection of Cyd Hayman being dressed in what looks like a boiler suit and balaclava! In my head, the table was behind robert Hardy not in the foreground of the screen. Also, i almost certainly saw this in black and white back then (yes it’s hard to believe that TV hasn’t always been in colour). Have to say Cyd hayman looks stunningly beautiful and has a superb figure – truly she was a schoolboys dream!

  2. I did wonder why you hadn’t mentioned the boiler suit and balaclava – they definitely add to the general air of kinkiness. And those cami-knickers presumably double up as a tent! I can see why this scene meant so much to you when you first saw it 40 years ago Martyn, and I’m a bit jealous because I was probably safely tucked up in bed when it was first broadcast!

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