June And Paula

A couple of pictures that are new to me. No prizes for guessing where I found them, the water mark is a bit of a giveaway.

First up is quite a classic pose from 1938. It shows Thornton Freeland giving his wife June Clyde an over the knee spanking.


Thornton Freeland was a film director who guided Dolores del Rio across the knee of Gene Raymond in Flying Down To Rio (1935). Exactly why he decided his actress wife needed similar treatment three years later isn’t clear – perhaps he was just into his spanking.

June Clyde (b 1909) had, according to Wikipedia, a “modest career” appearing in a number of Hollywood movies. After marrying Freeland in the early 1930s, the couple moved to England where they lived happily ever after.

Apart from the occasional “domestic dispute”!


The second picture is from a 1952 film called Three Men and a Girl (titled The Gay Adventure in the US.)


The actress being publicly spanked in front of friends, family and members of the press is Paula Valenska. I’ve no idea if it’s just a publicity still or if there was a spanking in the movie.

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6 thoughts on “June And Paula”

  1. I have the same picture, but without a watermark right in the middle of it.
    It’s now included in the movie database (moviespankings.de.vu), entry “Golden Arrow” (which appears to be the official title of the movie)!

    I don’t have a clip for it though


  2. Thanks Chross,

    You mean the Paula Valenska one of course. A movie with three titles – but how many spankings?

    It would be nice to get a copy of the June Clyde pic sans watermark too.

  3. Ah I can answer this one tim.

    “THE Golden Arrow” was a 1936 film starring Bette Davis.

    “Golden Arrow” dates from 1952 and is a completely different film.

    confusing huh?

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