Kate O’Mara – The Full Story

Many thanks to Harry for writing this post and providing the pictures. The English actress Kate O’Mara is probably best known for playing Joan Collins’ sister in 1980’s soap Dynasty. She once said “with my looks I was never going to get cast as a good girl.”

Perhaps that explains why, over her 5 decade spanning career, she has acquired quite a track record…


In 1967, ten years before this episode of The Two Ronnies, she played a spoilt brat lady racing driver in an episode of The Saint, entitled The Fast Women. In one scene, she wants Simon Templar to help kill her rival in a race and share the proceeds. She uses her feminine wiles to try to persuade him, including several kisses, but he refuses. Spurned, she slaps his face, but her bracelet flies off. When she bends down to pick it up, SMACK! goes his palm across the seat of her white lace dress, bringing a smile to many viewers faces. The impact knocks her to the floor and the Saint makes his exit, leaving her grimacing in fury.

Fast Women 1Fast Women 2

Fast Women 3Fast Women 4

Fast forward to 1990, thirteen years after Ronnie Barker gave her that unsittable bottom, and we find her playing the female lead in a tour of Kiss Me Kate, which scarcely needs further comment. I didn’t see this (wrong side of the ocean at the time) but a friend who did told me that it was one of those KMK scenes where the curtain comes down rather quicker than some members of the audience might prefer. But there was a posed photo of the spanking in the theater program…


So Kate has had a fairly good run of punitive bottom contact, including one ‘proper’ OTK spanking scene… and that’s only in her professional life. In the 1970s she gave an interview to the newspaper columnist Jean Rook in which she described how ‘difficult’ she was as a lover, and how some of her masterful but exasperated boyfriends had tried to tame her by spanking her. This was real life, so their efforts were unsuccessful and they quickly became her ex-boyfriends…

I’m every man’s dream of what a sexy woman should be. I look like the tempestuous heroine they read about in books, all marvelous thighs and acres of hair flowing around. They take one look and think, ‘That’s the woman I’ve always wanted.’ After a couple of days with me they think, ‘God, no it isn’t!’ but they always have hopes that if they turn me upside down and spank me, it’ll be alright in the end. Only it never is.

There’s one other item which only concerns Kate indirectly, but may still be of interest. One of her many well known roles is as the Doctor Who villainess, the Rani, in a couple of 1980s stories. The second of these was also Sylvester McCoy’s debut playing the Time Lord, and at the time he gave an interview describing how he became an actor. He described how he made the decision in 1963 after seeing a John Wayne movie… Yes, THAT John Wayne movie… And the scene that made up his mind was the spanking scene, because (he thought) if he was an actor, he’d get the chance to be in scenes like that! But he had one slip of the memory when he described the scene, concerning the name of the leading lady. Apparently it wasn’t Maureen O’Hara but Kate O’Mara who was being spanked!

And if that’s not a Freudian slip, I don’t know what is…

Harry is administrator of the Yahoo Group dwspank – a Dr Who fan site.

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4 thoughts on “Kate O’Mara – The Full Story”

  1. That “Saint” is quite the spanko. There’s another scene, perhaps earlier in the series in which he gives some spoiled heiress a quite prolonged spanking while they’re out hiking in the woods. She was asking for it of course.

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