New Reader’s Poll – Coming Soon

What an amazing 10 years it’s been for fans of TV and movie spanking scenes!

One spanking after another rained down on our screens ending years of drought and disappointment. Just when most of us had given up believing that it could ever happen.

So now I’m going to put up a poll to find the SPANKING SCENE OF THE DECADE!

As you might expect, there are some incredibly strong contenders. I’ve listed them all in advance complete with links to the clips. The list relies heavily on Chross’ Movie Database which, it’s worth pointing out, is the only one on the internet that includes all the spankings that have appeared since the new millenium began.

I’ve restricted the choices to scenes from dramas (no reality TV/game shows). There are 27 spankings from 10 different countries with the US leading the way. Their impressive tally of 10 nominations is surely proof that SOMETHING CHANGED during the decade.

The ripple effect from this new wave of American spankings was also felt in the UK (4 scenes) and Germany (3 scenes). Brazil also has 3 of the 4 South American scenes nominated.

ALL the lovely actresses who’ve assumed the position during the last 10 years deserve our respect and recognition of course, but to help you decide who to vote for, here’s your essential guide to the naughtiest of the Noughties:

In chronological order:

  1. Deborah Secco Laços de Família 2000 Brazil TV
  2. Portia Del Rossi Ally McBeal 2000 US TV
  3. Maggie Gyllenhaal Secretary 2002 US Movie
  4. Marlene Favela Gata Salvaje 2002 Mexico TV
  5. Unknown Cheerleader Autopsy 2003 US Movie
  6. Nadeshda Brennicke Hotte im Paradies 2003 Germany Movie
  7. Raffaella Ponzo Fallo! 2003 Italy Movie
  8. Olivia Hallinan Sugar Rush 2003 UK TV
  9. Kristin Abbot Kottentail 2004 US Movie
  10. Emily Mortimer Young Adam 2004 UK Movie
  11. Tomi X The Halfway House 2004 US Movie
  12. Alison Mac Two Pints of Lager 2004 UK TV
  13. Natalya Tkachenko Favorit 2005 Russia TV
  14. Julia Jentsch Schneeland 2005 Germany Movie
  15. Drica Moraes Alma Gemea 2005 Brazil TV
  16. Jenny Miller 5ive girls, 2006 Canada Movie
  17. Emilia Sparagna Der die Tollkirsche ausgräbt 2006 Germany Movie
  18. Amber Tamblyn Normal Adolescent Behaviour 2007 US Movie
  19. Rachel Blaha Caregiver 2007 US Movie
  20. Rachel Miner Californication 2007 US TV
  21. Priscila Fantin Sete Pecados 2007 Brazil TV
  22. Madeleine West Underbelly 2008 Australia TV
  23. Emma Stone House Bunny, 2008 US Movie (dvd extras)
  24. Mary-Louise Parker Weeds 2008 US TV
  25. Blake Lively The Private Lives of Pippa Lee 2009 US Movie
  26. Lise Bellynck À l’aventure 2009 France Movie
  27. Katie Jarvis Fish Tank 2009 UK Movie

If there’s a scene I’ve missed that you think deserves to be included let me know. I’ll create the poll itself later in the week.

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3 thoughts on “New Reader’s Poll – Coming Soon”

  1. Madame Orsini in the “Roots of Heaven’ What a delicious and well deserved spanking she received. Upon having her evening gown raised waist high, and knickers taken down, and walloped good and proper. My only wish if they ever make a remake of this movie. Helen Mirren should play Madame Orsini.

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