9 thoughts on “Spanking Scene of the Decade”

  1. Hi and Happy Holidays… I voted for Mary-Louise Parker in “Weeds” and Drica Moraes in “Alma Gemea.” These two, particularly the first one, are the spankings of the decade in mainstream films and TV.

    First, they are properly positioned — over the knee — and second, they are photographed so that we see EVERY SINGLE SWAT. Like most of my fellow perverts, I especially like that the “Weeds” spanking included pulling up the skirt.

    Portia de Rossi, Rachel Miner and Emma Stone received NO actual swats on screen, so they should not even be on the list. I would reward only actresses who actually received their swats, or most of their swats, rather than just being in a scene manipulated by camera tricks.

    Alas, I will have to pass on Maggie Gyllenhaal’s brave foray into the spanking world. As good as her scene was, it was not OTK… and that, in my oh so humble opinion, is one of the requisites for a really great spanking scene.


    1. MarQe, did you even SEE Rachel Miner’s face as the swat “landed?” If you have this scene on tape or DVD, watch it step-by-step, one frame at a time.

      You will see that Rachel’s face is NEVER shown after the first swat “landed.” In fact, did that swat really land? Evan Handler raised his arm, brought it down, then the film editors did a quick cut so that we did not see the impact. In other words, there was NO impact.

      Another point: Watch the part where Rachel hikes up her skirt to go over Evan’s knee. The next shot shows a girl who resembles Ms. Miner from the back, her skirt up, over his lap… but is it Rachel? Or is it a stunt double?

      Sorry, but that particular scene was one of the most frustrating of the year. The producers went to great lengths to NOT spank Rachel Miner… and now, here she shows up on a list of “Best Spanking Scenes of the Decade.”

      If you don’t see actual contact, it’s no spanking. If we cannot see the spankee’s face during the spanking, then it wasn’t her.


  2. In regards to Dan’s comments; it’s good to have such a clearcut opinion on spanking and that is excellent for you. We are all entitled to our opinion. There is not one decider, we all decide for ourselves. For example, for me I am surprised that anyone would express frustration about a spanking scene since there is so much, a voluminous amount if you will of spanking material available so it would take two seconds to find something else. Nevertheless, I acknowledge your right to your frustration as I acknowledge Marque’s right to his own opinion.

    Cheers to you and Happy New Year

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