Spanking Scene of the Decade – Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in my poll to find the Spanking Scene of the Decade. Special thanks to Chross and Brushstrokes for linking in to it. And also a massive hat tip to all the unsung heroes who report spanking scenes to us bloggers and various message boards. Without you none of this would have been possible.

Anyone wishing to view the clips should visit this post. The figure in brackets at the end of each line is the total number of votes for each scene.

So here are your Spankings of the Decade:

  • 1 Mary-Louise Parker – Weeds (160)

  • 2 Maggie Gyllenhaal – Secretary (133)

  • 3 Deborah Secco – Laços de Família (36)

  • 4 Rachel Miner – Californication (35)

  • 5= Amber Tamblyn – Normal Adolesc. Behavior (32)

  • 5= Jenny Miller – 5ive girls (32)

  • 5= Olivia Hallinan – Sugar Rush (32)

  • 8 Nadeshda Brennicke – Hotte im Paradies (19)

  • 9 Julia Jentsch – Schneeland (16)

  • 10 Blake Lively – The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (15)

  • 11 Emily Mortimer – Young Adam (14)
  • 12 Portia Del Rossi – Ally McBeal (13)
  • 13 Unknown – Cheerleader Autopsy (9)
  • 14= Tomi X – The Halfway House (7)
  • 14=  Madeleine West – Underbelly (7)
  • 16 Emma Stone – House Bunny (6)
  • 17=  Lise Bellynck – À l’aventure (5)
  • 17= Rachel Blaha – Caregiver (5)
  • 17= Drica Moraes – Alma Gemea (5)
  • 17=  Katie Jarvis – Fish Tank (5)
  • 21= Marlene Favela – Gata Salvaje (3)
  • 22= Natalya Tkachenko – Favorit (3)
  • 23= Emilia Sparagna – Der die Tollkirsche ausgräbt (2)
  • 23= Priscila Fantin – Sete Pecados (2)
  • 25 Alison Mac – Two Pints of Lager (1)

(Fallo and Kottentail failed to score a vote)

A few points about the results.

There was the mother of all battles for first place between Weeds and Secretary. Whilst Weeds was always in the lead, it never pulled away decisively and the percentages (27% and 22%) remained the same. In the end, it was a shame that one of these two outstanding candidates had to lose.

An even closer contest for third place saw just a few votes seperating Lacos de Familia, Californication, Sugar Rush, Normal Adolescent Behavior, and 5ive Girls. A last day surge for Deborah Secco finally clinched it over Rachel Miner’s Californication scene. The other three ended up tying on 32 votes each.

Probably the most striking thing to come out of the whole exercise though, was the sheer spread of your choices. Only two, out of the 27 picks, didn’t get a single vote. I felt this vindicated my decision to include so many (all of them basically), rather than invite you to choose from a shortlist.

The poll post attracted some interesting discussion too. I wasn’t able to join in as I’ve been away, but thanks to Dan N, Gabby, and Marque, for adding to the end of year festivities!

You’ve probably heard that the first screen spanking of the new decade is due to be Jessica Alba – on the bare bottom!!

The Killer Inside Me is a controversial scene, but still a revealing indicator of just how far we have come. The spanking is similar in some ways to the scene in the early 90s film Tank. It’s perhaps best appreciated in the form of a still like this one.

jessica alba the killler inside me

Now that spanking is so fashionable again, will we start to see more A list Hollywood stars getting in on the act?

One final thought: Had the person who voted for Two Pints of Lager been drinking rather more than that over Christmas? 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Spanking Scene of the Decade – Poll Results”

  1. Worthy winner and runner-up (I would say that as they’re the two I voted for!)

    Quite a few on there seem to be from the last couple of years – hopefully that is a harbinger for the decade to come, with the Jessica Alba scene to be the first of many..

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