Goodbye “Cybill”, Hello Jodie

I’m going to replace the header image of the blog  soon. The start of a new year seems as good a time as any to freshen things up a bit.

susannah constantine

When I first started using the current one, a reader wrote to say the model’s hair reminded him of Cybill Shepherd. It’s actually fashion commentator Susannah Constantine, but he was spot on in terms of the comparison.

Cybill never looked more beautifully coiffeured than in her 1971 film The Last Picture Show. Filmed in black and white as if in the period in which it was set (1950s), she also showcases the classic teenage fashions of the period to perfection. She plays Jacy Farrow the prettiest, wealthiest and most spankable girl in town.

cybill shepherd 02

There wasn’t a scene in which she got spanked unfortunately, but there was some nudity. In fact, she does a complete strip-teese on a swimming pool diving board! The memorable scene has quite a unique blend of comedy and eroticism about it, but the ultimate “money shot” is her breasts. There’s the slightest hint of butt crack as she lowers her large white granny panties, but that’s all.

Later however, in a bedroom scene, the director Peter Bogdanovich allows us a wonderful shot of the other side of the twenty year-old Cybill. She was appearing in her first ever movie. What a debut!

Cybill Shepherd 03

I’ll be replacing the “Cybill” picture with one of Jodie Whittaker. She’s a British actress who also bared her bottom in her first ever movie, Venus.

In the film, her great uncle played by Peter O’Toole names her Venus after The Rokeby Venus – a famous painting by Spanish artist Velázquez .

velasquez rokeby venus

He takes her to see the painting in London’s National Gallery. Later, when Jodie’s character works as an artist’s model, she recreates the pose of the Goddess of Love herself – pretty sucessfullly.

jw 21

There’s a clip on Youtube of Jodie Whittaker talking about the movie whilst standing in front of the original Velasquez painting. In a six minute interview, she manages to avoid any mention of bottoms! Talk about an elephant in the room!

I’ve also uploaded a series of screen grabs of the scene to Imageshack. Hope you like the new header anyway. It will be the fourth one I’ve used now.

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