Christine Kaufmann and Vera Farmiga

I’ve had a few comments about the new header image, all positive I’m glad to say. JS was even inspired to send me some shots of German actress Christine Kaufmann in a similar pose:

“After seeing your new header, I thought I’d share a couple of similar shots of one of my boyhood crushes, the meltingly beautiful Christine Kaufmann. These are from her 1983 film Die wilden fuenfziger (The Wild Fifties) when she was about 38 — they are obviously mirror-imaged.


If you’re not familiar, Christine was in her teens in the early 60’s and poised for international stardom. She made a bunch of costume pics, though her highest profile role was as the rape-victim opposite Kirk Douglas in A Town without Pity. (No one has ever played “vulnerable innocence” quite like the young Christine.)


She met and married Tony Curtis, however, and took a few years off to have kids, and when she split from Tony and went back to work, her moment had passed. She has worked steadily since in Europe, but virtually nothing seen internationally.

christine kaufmann0008

AFAIK, she was never spanked on-screen (though the kinds of characters she played … anyone who laid a hand on her oughta be shot). At least we have these pics.


Vera Farmiga has revealed that she used a butt double for a love scene with George Clooney in Up In The Air.

In the scene , she lies naked on a bed with her bottom showing and a topless George stretching out on the floor beneath her.

I had shot this when I had six pounds more chunk on my behind. I did attempt to do the nude scene but I think my bottom had become too large. I got to help choose my body double,

From Running Scared to Never Forever to The Departed, I’ve mooned audiences my whole life, and I just think it wasn’t appropriate given the situation.

It’s quite unusual, and very helpful, for an actress to provide us with a list of her own screen mooning moments. I’ve never seen any of the three films she mentions, but some further research suggests that Running Scared was probably her finest performance…

Vera Farmiga Running Scared

The Genuine Article

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