Tall in the Saddle

Elizabeth Risdon was 57 when she went across the knee of Gabby Hayes in a publicity still for the 1944 Western Tall in the Saddle. There was just a threat in the movie itself, so she can’t strictly lay claim to the title of celluloid’s most senior spankee.

tall in the saddle 001

Never Too Old!

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3 thoughts on “Tall in the Saddle”

  1. I have always believed that a naughty mature woman, is a most spankable woman. Yes Sophia Loren, Helen Mirren, Sarah Palin, Condeleeza Rice, are some of the most spankable women alive. And their voluptous bare bottoms, would be most mouthwatering to me, if I could wallop them all bright red. Don’t you agree.

  2. Great photo – I’d never seen it. Think the credit and movie title are wrong though. The spanker is Andy Clyde – don’t know the spankee or actual movie title.


  3. I think I’m standing by the identification of the movie (and the spanker and spankee), Duke. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever been accused of getting all three wrong! Lol

    Andy Clyde did get to dish out a spanking in Cowcatcher’s Daughter.

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