The Bare Bottomed Cheerleader’s Revenge

A team of models dressed as cheerleaders spelt out the message “BT? Fast broadband? My arse!” on their bare bottoms in central London today. The cheeky publicity stunt by Virgin Media took place in full view of the BT Tower.

virginmediamoon 003

According to Virgin, it was “simply a humorous way to get across a serious message – that customers should demand what they are being promised from their internet providers”.

It’s not the first time that Richard Branson’s company has resorted to ass-vertising. The picture below was taken at this summer’s V Festival:


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2 thoughts on “The Bare Bottomed Cheerleader’s Revenge”

  1. Ass-vertising seems like a great way for a brand to garner attention, although I wonder if mainstream media outlets would really run such images. What are your observations on this question, Valdor?

  2. Hi Karl,

    You’re right that watchdogs would never allow this sort of thing in actual ads. Staging a public stunt and inviting the press to take pictures which then get splashed around everywhere is a way round the restrictions. At least that’s my understanding, and I’m more than happy to play my part in helping along Mr Branson’s latest campaign! (although I use BT as my ISP!)

    PS Good to see you’re back, and not too busy watching all that skiing and skating stuff to post here… 🙂

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