Caprice Planky Spanked

Caprice Bourret 003The weekend saw the third anniversary of the first post on this blog and it’s nice to be able to mark the occasion by sharing an exclusive clip with you. I know you won’t have seen it before, because I’ve grabbed it from an old VHS tape and uploaded to YouTube myself.

It comes from a short-lived breakfast time show called RISE in 2003. The Jackass movie was all the rage at the time, and a regular slot called Team Squirrel had famous model Caprice and 5 guys performing painful or humiliating stunts for the cameras. The clip starts quite suddenly because I missed a few frames of the build up.

It’s been a great three years, a real rollercoaster ride through the highs and the lows of the mainstream spanking scene. So here’s my little blogiversary present for you:

You can see two more pictures of Caprice in the post below this one.

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8 thoughts on “Caprice Planky Spanked”

  1. Happy blog-aversary and keep up the terrific work :)!

    That’s a great clip you’ve got there (which’ll go straight to my Spanking Showcase me thinks…)


  2. This clip was a cute example of a modern re-imagining of the ancient concept of human sacrifice, in a toned-down version for modern sensibilities.

    Your blog has continued to be a class act in the online spankosphere — for three whole years now!

    Congratulations, Valdor!

  3. Chross: Thanks. I almost missed getting it on tape. I watched the guys get spanked with such force that I thought Caprice is never going to agree to do that in a million years. Then I had to make a mad scramble for the remote control!

    Luther: I’ve got a few more goodies lined up including that Thora Birch clip you asked me about ages ago.

    Karl: And I thought it was just some blonde chick getting whacked on the arse! 🙂

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