Uniform Special – Air Stewardesses

The air stewardess uniform – what’s NOT to like? Especially when Firmhand’s Samantha Woodley is inside one!

otkair a013otkair a016otk-air-samantha-woodley

It’s essentially a sexed-up military outfit although there have been plenty of adaptations to suit changing fashions over the years. This is one of the earliest pictures I found and, interestingly, the uniforms are not so different from those worn today (below).

stewardess 002

stewardess 003

The 1960s saw an influence from pop culture with rising hemlines and…bowler hats!?

stewardess 007

This trend continued in the 1970s with hot pants and kinky boots…while others preferred the space age star-trekkie look.

stewardess 004stewardess 005

Probably THE finest example of stewardess uniform sporting in a movie EVER came from the delightful Zooey Deschanel. Click to enlarge the picture, which comes from the 1970s-set Almost Famous, and make your palm go all itchy (below left – thanks to JS for sending me this one).

zd5 stewardess 006

The 1990s saw even shorter skirts, and even longer legs! (above right). Uniform addicts will also have enjoyed the 2002 movie Catch Me If You Can based on the life of Frank Abagnale Jr. who, successfully conned millions of dollars by posing as a Pan American World Airways pilot. Never mind the money, how many hostesses did he get to put across his knee?


Leonardo di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can

Political correctness doesn’t seem to have affected the world of the stewardess much. All right they might be known as “flight attendants” these days but that’s about as far as it goes. Airlines still use the sex appeal of their stews in adverts just as they did back in the 1960s and 1970s. They are there to serve AND look attractive and glamorous. And if they fail to come up to scratch, old school discipline doesn’t seem out of place.

And when it comes to stewardess spanking scenarios, you don’t have to look far for an authority figure. The pilot is officer, headmaster and father figure all rolled into one.

stewardess 009

Commercial aviation was still in its infancy when James Murray played a pilot who spanked Evalyn Knapp in the 1933 film Air Hostess. True, she wasn’t actually wearing her uniform at the time, but it hadn’t taken long for movie makers to spot the potential of a bit of stewardess swatting.

stewardess 002

This proved to be something of a false dawn, but punters must have thought that they were finally onto another winner when Roger Corman’s sexploitation epic The Naughty Stewardesses was released in 1975.

naughty stewardesses

It included some nice pilot-on-stew ass action but sadly, no spankings.

stewardess 001

The politically correct 1980s weren’t likely to produce much of interest in the movies, but this was the heyday of spanking magazines. British mag Derriere used a stewardess on the cover of one of its early issues. The shot came from another film called Air Hostess – which wasn’t exactly a remake of the 1933 version! Made by Harrrison Marks, it was set in a bar with the naughty blonde flight attendant supposedly off-duty and spanked over a bar stool. At least she was still wearing her uniform.


This fetish producer (NuWest?) has gone one better and used a pilot as the spanker to create an excellent and realistic looking image.


Author Will Henry no doubt found a willing audience for his shrewdly titled novel Spanking Stewardess. A well thumbed original copy was sold on ebay with the description: “Six young women share an apartment and discover that spanking is a great way to keep things in order. They also discover that a red-hot bottom can lead to heated bedroom adventures. Discover how six luscious gals do it!”

Will Henry 002 uniform up

It contains some line illustrations, but surprisingly not many artists have tackled waitress-in-the-sky whackings. One honourable exception is Paula Meadows who dreamed up a truly spectacular intiation ceremony.

stewardess 008

The new millenium saw this Lynx video which used stewardess spanking as a form of in-flight entertainment! We’ve come a long way from the days of Evalyn Knapp that’s for sure, but some things never change and the spank appeal of the air stewardess is one of them.


Sexy Lynx stewardesses

The last decade also saw the Britney Spears Toxic video of course.


Hmm…now where’s James Murray when you need him?

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11 thoughts on “Uniform Special – Air Stewardesses”

  1. Ed Lee also talked about spanking a corporate pilot by the name of Bridget and featured pictures of her in some of his newsletters.

    Nice compilation, Valdor. I somehow hadn’t seen that Lynx video before. Was it advertising something or what was the point of the video?

  2. Loved the post! Spanked stewardesses are a favorite of ours. You’d think there would be more material out there given all the spanked nurses, policewomen and so on that is so easy to find. It’s pretty rare though. Some neat finds here… nice job.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  3. Japan Airlines can’t stop black market in Stewardesses uniforms. It seems people want them to use for sex play…

    “Authentic Japan Airline outfits sell for as much as £11,000 on the black market. They are in high demand for sex role play.

    New Japan Airlines (JAL) uniforms have long been in demand in the local sex industry for customers keen on role-playing fantasies, while rare specimens that have actually been worn are hugely sought after by fetishists and are worth their weight in gold….”


  4. Todd & Suzy: Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the post. It was fun putting it together, although you’re right about the lack of material. Strange that we don’t have more because, as my blog stats now confirm, this is a very popular subject!

    Karl: Nice one. And another take on the same story:


    The Lynx clip WAS an advert, but I think it got banned in most countries.

    But here’s a great recent Virgin airlines ad that was ruled NOT sexist:

  5. The story I found must have been pulled from the Times article you’ve linked to, Valdor. Check out this comment from that same Times article:

    lodi guy wrote:
    This is funny. I never understood the guy thing of wanting women to wear Catholic schoolgirl dresses, French Maid outfits, tight leather, or cop uniforms. I always wanted my women nekkid. However, I do understand the thing about rope and chains. Sometimes if you don’t tie them down they run away.

  6. I’ve always been turned out by the beauty of naughty airline stewardess’s. And in my dreams, I have imagined spanking many of them on their bare bottoms.

  7. Yes!! Pan-am is great with Chrtistina Ricci and some lovely uniforms. There was a “girdle-snapping” scene in the first episode that I’m going to add to this post when I get round to it.

    Spanked in Uniforms sounds like a good idea for a profitable website!

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