New Links and Top Links

I’ve just finished adding the following sites to their different sections in the sidebar on your right.


Behind the Barred Window – Uniform based, highly recommended

Voice in the Corner – Spanking anecdotes, possibly a bit muffled

Non English

Strenger Lehrer – Teutonic treats


Discipline Domestique – Collection fantastique

Spanking Online – Paysite blogging


Artastic – a forum that requires login

Waldo’s Blog new venture by one of the best artists around

Encyclopedia of Spanking Art – wonder how the door-to-door sales are going?


Skirts Lifted – New site by a short story writer (and friend of The Spank Statement).

The Woody Back To School Unit – showcasing the fiction of Mr. Humphries

Naughty Girls

Elizabeth Simpson – former spanking model now busy “thrashing the daylights out of sniffy young madams!”

Top Referrers

You might have seen that there’s also now a category for the sites that send me the most traffic (apart from Chross who has his own section) which has been placed in a prominent position. Even if you just came from one of these sites click on the links and head straight back (they might have updated!)

Pixie – the bees knees

Spanking Blog – the boss

The Spanking Spot – always a popular click

All Things Spanking – Mitch’s place

My Bottom Smarts – Bonnie’s behind never seems to get better

Cherry Red Report – soft fruit based spanking journalism

Pandora – talking of sniffy young madams…

Richard Windsor – Ruler of the Universe
Finally, you can now subscribe to this blog by email. Just click on the “Sign me up” button on the right to receive Spank Statements in your inbox.

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One thought on “New Links and Top Links”

  1. Valdor … My thanks for including the Woody Back to School Unit on your latest update … I shall reciprocate … Cheers … R Humphries

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